TMI #133

1. How many cell phones have you had? How long have you had your current cell phone number?
I have had 4 physical cell phones- all with the same provider & the same phone number- I got my first cell phone & the number I have now at the end of may 2005 – so nearly 3 years.

2. Where was the last place you had sex?
When would be the most interesting question- a depressingly long time ago. Where was at a ‘friend with benefits’ own personal dungeon. Other than sex but fairly fulfilling was about 4 to 6 weeks ago in a ‘friend’s’ car.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your love life? (1 is lowest, 10 is highest)
Not too good- especially this week-let’s say a 3.

4. Does Bliss sound like a fun game to you? Have you ever played it?
I couldn’t get enough info out of the link to say- I haven’t played it but I’m usually up for anything.
5. Is there anything or anyone you would be willing to die for?
Just my kids.

Bonus (as in optional): If you were (or had) a magic genie and could only grant wishes for others and you only had three left, what would they be and who would they be for?
1. My mother- that she would have all the money she needs to be comfortable & be able to enjoy her last years (She’s 70 you know) I’d want her to have enough for that trip to Russia she’s always wanted to take of course.
2. College educations & enough money for a good start in whatever all 3 of my kids chose to do with their lives.
3. Whatever it is that the ex & quite a few other people I know- who are never- ever happy- no matter what- need to be happy in their lives.  (my ex once told me – before we were married- should have been a clue- that he didn’t think he even knew what true happiness felt like)


It’s Too Much…. #133

1. Early bird or night owl? Night Owl All the way.
2. Where was the first place you ever had sex? The Front seat of a 1979 Plymouth
3. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you? (1 is lowest, 10 is highest) 8 & ½
4. Are you more submissive or dominant? Submissive- though with current events as they are in my life- I may just become dominant- I feel like I need a whip.
5. Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really but lust can be blind.

Bonus (as in optional): Describe your bed time habits.

What side do you sleep on?

I start on my right side because early in the morning I have to turn to my left to put my good ear in the pillow so I am not awakened by kids fighting before school.

What do you usually wear?

I made a promise to my ex- when our son was born that I would start wearing nightgowns- (I was really dedicated to sleeping in the buff before that- Though I can understand his opinion that it’s unnecessary for a kid to see their parent naked even accidentally I don’t exactly share it.) I have kept the promise even though we divorced- mostly because we don’t need anything more to fight about! So Nightgowns- usually long flowy & often stained because I’m just a sloppy type of person & accidents will happen.

Any night time rituals?

Not other than brushing my teeth & washing my face- sometimes I read a little before bed but usually I just pass out- especially if I have to go to work the next morning.

TMI #132

I post late but better late than never you can still play too.

1. Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes – homemade by me With or without toppings? With Raspberry jam – in spite of being from New England (or maybe because of it) I’m not a maple syrup fan at all.
2. They say, “Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” What is the way to your heart? Through my senses
3. Have you ever gone to a topless/clothing optional beach? If yes, did you participate? Never been so no participation
4. What song reminds you of a previous relationship (for good or bad)? Guns & Roses November Rain. (now bad- at the time very good)
5. When, where and with who was your best kiss ever? This one might be a little too much information- it was a few months ago- in my car with someone who will remain nameless & with whom things ended much too quickly

Bonus (as in optional): Does anyone not currently in a relationship with you have pictures or you or your body part(s) that you would prefer that other people not see? Yes – sadly there is at least one person who does have pictures that are proof that I’m a natural redhead.

TMI #131

1. Did you have to pay or did you get money back? I got money back & I got it way back in January
2. What was your biggest financial mistake? Marrying my ex
3. Are you a screamer? I have my times, especially if encouraged, yes.
4. What part of your body, other than your genitals, do you love to have touched? What part of a partner’s body, other than their genitals, do you love to touch? My Throat & sides of my neck, Their Chest.
5. What [edit: 12:30] commercial catch phrase best describes your life? Life Comes At You Fast. (Allstate)

Bonus (as in optional): What was the last thing you took without permission? What was the last thing taken from you without your permission?  I’m skipping the bonus here because there are too many no fly zones on this subject

You can play too- right here

TMI Tuesday

  1. Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you with your best friend, who are you (more) mad at? My best friend I guess, because at this point in my life, they’ve been my friend longer than any guy I could be with & they should know better (Had this happen when I was 21 & pregnant, never spoke to the friend again to this day & would have been better off if I’d let the guy go right then & there too)
  2. Is there something someone could say to you that would cross a boundary of not being able to take back or forgive them? Possibly, though I can’t think what it would be, I forgave my ex quite a few things which in retrospect seem totally unforgivable now.
  3. What non-sexual body part do you find the sexiest? The Brain
  4. Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery to have the perfect body? Sure, if I was rich & had nothing better to spend money on
  5. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex? Yep.

Bonus (as in optional): If you were going to have a one night stand, who would you rather it be with- an ex or someone totally random you just met. Somebody totally random who I just met. Definitely

Too Much Information?

1. Stubble… good or bad? How often do you shave? Face stubble I don’t mind when it comes to kissing because it’s like an ongoing reminder the next day. My own legs, not as often as I should, but at least twice a week.
2. If someone shoves you up against a wall while kissing you, your reaction is? Yeah! Let’s go!
3. Did you ever own a fake ID? No, as a teenager I hung out with a few people who were about 4 years older than me (chronologically at least) and being heavy, I was almost always assumed to be the same age as the company I kept- except at this one Chinese restaurant.
4. Have you ever played a game which may require you or others to disrobe? Well yeah, a few times, back in my wild married days, but everyone was too drunk for it to be much fun.
5. Have you ever had sex in the snow? Rain? Umm, there was this ski trip once, very cold. & not recommended.

Bonus (as in optional): Tell us about your last boyfriend/girlfriend? I will take the option this week, because it’s been so long I can’t remember much about the ex! Only little blurry, split second flashbacks come to me now & then.
So I was looking for something new to do & this seems to fit the bill, not sure I’ll keep it up every week, but it was a nice distraction tonight. It sure beats another boring post about how much I hate my job right?

You can play too- right here.