Hmmm, Facebook seems to have negated my blog

I’m not sure why Facebook is so appealing, I just like going there & seeing what everybody else is doing. It’s much more immediate, public & noncommital, after all, I can just go & read what everyone is saying & not comment in the least if I prefer & I can put in what I want without links, grammar checks & uploading (unless I want to put pictures up- which I usually don’t) Of course, being rather verbose, I find I do run on a little too long & the computer tells me to edit what I said to fit the word limit. Not surprising, but not really a bad thing. There’s also the fact that I’ve friended both my ex & his soon to be new wife so things I might say here can’t be said there, this keeps me on my best behavior but makes me even more boring than I already am. I should probably start writing more here, but who knows.


M&Ms, Cars & Taxes.

My kids are used to the tax holiday way of life, we’ve always, even when I was married (maybe even more so then) had a good earned income credit which has gone for new clothes, ms 19’s birthday gifts, various & assorted stereo equipment my ex wanted, didn’t need, took when he left & has trashed since.

The kids expect there to be a couple of nice dinners out, new shoes, at least one new toy each & for me to fill the cupboards to bursting with extra non-perishable food.

I certainly picked the wrong year to receive raises that take me over the poverty level! No earned income credit & if I hadn’t paid so much in interest on my first & second mortgages I would have owed money.

So this year what little I did get back has to go to finish paying off the doctor for mr 9’s foot stitches back in December & my county property taxes for my car.  And this year I don’t even get a pretty sticker to show I paid my taxes & have a right to put my trash in the county dumpsters.

We get to pay $25 per car, in addtion to our taxes, as if we were receiving stickers but we’re not getting the stickers themselves, which has led me to wonder as I’m taking trash to the dumpsters, whether the cops are still patroling the dumpsters & if they can ask for your ID & then call the tax office while you wait, to make sure you paid your taxes & are legally able to dump in the dumpsters.

The tax refund came in yesterday & the kids fully expected to go out to dinner, but because I’m late in paying the county taxes, I don’t know what I owe exactly, so we had dinner at home & I got 12, 9 & myself M&Ms for dessert & bought ms 19 something she wanted too.

I’m afraid to tell them the bag of M&M’s may be their entire cut of this years tax refund!

In A Funk

I’m not really feeling it just now, ms 19 is not being a lot of fun right now & it’s stressing me out to unimaginable lengths. I’m trying to gear up for the transition to night shift too & as usual, before a big schedule change, it seems like it’s not going to work out & it will be a disaster (it always seems this way the last week before I actually change shifts) I always try to get them to let me keep my old schedule & raise hell with the kids about “once I’m on the new schedule you can’t do this, that or the other thing” Knowing that it goes with the territory doesn’t make it any eaiser to deal with though, maybe even a little more frustrating because this is something like my sixth large transition in schedule.  I don’t consider a change by 1-2 hours a big deal, changing from being at work at 11 in the morning to 7 in the morning, that’s a big difference, and this one is huge (being at work at 8 in the morning as opposed to being at work at 5 in the evening) While I know I chose it, I still get jittery, it’s not like I’m the only one changing 6 or 7 of my co-workers are too (they’re all changing because of poor assessment scores though) I won’t be completely alone with no one I know around me, but at the same time I don’t even know where I’ll be sitting next Sunday night when I start my new shift!

Spring Cleaning Or Not

We’re all much more relaxed now that it’s warmer, even if it was 22 when I left for work this morning, as soon as the sun came up over the horizon, it jumped 4 degrees & had added 10 before I got out of the car at work (& I do drive North East in the morning to work, so obviously it was the sun’s doing)

Mr 9 & I planted tulip bulbs yesterday, which I had forgotten about last fall & left in a box on our porch all winter, I’m hoping that the winter in the dark box will approximate being buried underground & we’ll get to see these tulips’ colors this year, if not, there’s always next year.

I watched entirely too  many Law & Order SVU & Cold Case reruns Thursday & Friday because last night I dreamed I was in a Cold Case, I was the ghost wanting to try to help people figure out what happened to me, very weird.

One thing about changing back from working 6 days a week to working only 5, I felt totally out of the loop when I got back to work today after 2 totally relaxing days in the yard & on the couch.

I was back in the rush all too soon though, originally I was not at all unhappy to be there because my co-workers were telling me that they got sent home early both days I was off, so I was hoping that would happen today too.

No such luck though & although I was disappointed, I know I should be working to the end of my shift & then some every day I’m there, I did work past 4:30 but only by 2 minutes, if they offer to let people go home tomorrow, I’m still probably going to take them up on it!

Fade Into Darkness

At least I hope to do so early tonight! It’s been a week already & I still have to get through tomorrow before my weekend arrives Thursday & Friday.  On the good news front, I have managed to get almost an hour of overtime in this week without taking phone calls, not sure what I’m going to do next week though & I do have to do at least 2 or 2 & 1/2 hours a week.

Everything has changed so much, new things you have to say on the phone, new phone system, without a normal mute button, there’s a pause, I’m told, from when you hit mute until you’re actually on mute, victim of rapid, unwarned sneezes that I am, I will not like that very much at all. Got to do some OT though, it’s pretty sad, in light of the raises I’ve had in the last 18 months that I can’t make it on what I make in 80 hours (every other week paychecks for me – which I hate!)

I’m reading Merry Men by Carolyn Chute for the third time, I’ve yet to finish it, it’s sad, heavy reading, the first time I tried I had borrowed it from the library right around the time I started cosmetology school & I couldn’t get through it with the 8 hour day at school, being mom to ms 19, pregnant with ms 12 & a wife to the ex, I took it back & went back to re-reading things I knew well, because it takes less attention to re-read a well loved book, you already know how it’s going to come out.

The next time I remember thinking, I’ll get through it this time, I’m older, I’ll understand it better, and I did, but still time got away from me & it was a library loan yet again, so back it went before I was through and not without a few misgivings, but some releif too, because she writes unsparingly, she’s not telling pretty stories about damsels in distress or lucky fortune tellers & although I know these people, grew up with many of them & live among others of a slightly different breed now, they’re not always easy to think of.

So I picked it up for free through the paperback swap & after the Archer’s Tale, since I didn’t have & couldn’t afford the other two books in that series, I got this one down from the shelf, in general I don’t have too many books left on the shelves which I haven’t read yet, however paperback swap helps in that way, I posted a bunch of books last week & 3 have already been sent out to bring me more credits for more books.

I ordered a book at the same time I posted, but it hasn’t come yet, I just realized that now, odd since they’re usually quick in coming, people send out fast because they want the credits! I don’t blame them really it’s a great setup & there are so many books out there!

Random Snow Thoughts (or flakes, I am pretty flaky)

We’re all very happy that it has stopped snowing, even mr 9 who is normally the biggest fan of snow told me last night he’s through with it & would like it to be spring now.

A lot of his disinterest is after 2 days where it didn’t get over 25 the snow was just packed ice crystals & was no good for sledding or snowman making, although on day 1 he & ms 12 made a very interesting igloo & enjoyed themselves immensely.

I’m much relieved because I asked my boss to tell me if I wasn’t going to receive sick pay for the days I’ve missed in the past 2 weeks because I would need to work tomorrow & all day Friday (instead of the 5 hours I’m required to do) she said it was definite that I would be paid for the 3 days I missed.

She also said our raises were put off until April, but I’m so glad to be a) getting paid & b) not losing my job & having to go back to the phones (she was able to lump my absences together & call it a verbal warning) that I’m ok with that.

If I were smart I would do my taxes tomorrow, however, school is called off yet again tomorrow so I probably won’t have enough peace & quiet to get them done.

We have (some) water, as usual when it’s very cold (4 when I left for work this morning) the pipes freeze, the kitchen is back up & running but the bathroom is being stubborn, This afternoon, after work, I measured for the pipe insulation which I’ll need to purchase before next winter.

It is starting to dawn on me that changing to a 530 to 1 am schedule would be pretty hard on me, I don’t know who the supervisors are, but I do know that the majority of my co-workers would be much younger than me & have a lot less seniority, that’s not really a big deal, but it could be very strange in the dealing with people around me.

I tend to be a little out of it so to speak, when it comes to dealing with co-workers, if no one talks to me I’m content to pretty much talk to no one all day long, I’ve had supervisors & co-workers who thought it was ‘their duty’ to draw me out & get me to interact & I’ve had supervisors & co-workers who left me to myself, I much prefer the second group. (I also hate pot lucks)

Between my attendance record being ruined by the snow & my quality scores taking a dive to a frighteningly low record (it’s like I subconsciously knew I needed them to be as good as possible & then began systematically ruining them & sabotaging myself) (the last 3 haven’t even been at 3/4 of as good as they need to be, not just for this shift change but to maintain in my position.

What really annoys me about the quality assessments is that it’s not glaring huge stuff that’s taking me out, it’s nitpicky crap that I should be acing, as attested to by all the 100% assessments I have had in the last 4 months or so. (really though, out of 32 I’ve had 27 100’s, it’s not all that bad) I still expect to work nights for awhile after April begins though.


I forgot there was a holiday until I got home & found no mail in the mailbox. Although the schools I drive past on my way to work in the mornings were closed today I must have been pretty tired & not noticed (the 20mph flashers were running though & we all slowed down- I remember that part) My own kids had school today so it never occurred to me that some people didn’t.

Work was heavy but I didn’t think about it until after the fact. Just not a clue, since I have a DVR I rarely view tv commercials & until Friday I was listening to the Twilight series on book on CD so didn’t hear or pay attention to any radio commercials about president’s day sales there either.

Ah well it’s over now, I’m really wishing the warm weather last week had not been just a tease, both because I have dozens of little tiny croci (crocusses?) popping up & I just know this weather (25 degrees already at 5:30pm) isn’t good for them. I’m especially not looking forward to taking a shower which I know I need to do.

I’m still toying with the idea of making the blog I set up due to this one allegedly violating some terms of service which they can’t explain, my meme blog, for Thursday Thirteens, Friday Fill ins etc. I don’t know if it’s worth it though maintaining 1 blog is enough to keep me busy 2 would be a bit too much I think, plus it would probably cut down on the amount I post here.

Maybe I will have to start showcasing ms 19’s art in my header picture though, changing it occasionally although I really like this woman on the stormy ocean picture a lot, it fits my thoughts an awful lot of the time.