Thirteen Things About Miss 17

1 When I went to the hospital the night she was born The doctor was going to send me home but there was annother woman there who’d had 9 kids already & he said I could stay since he had to be there for the other woman. I had her less than 6 hours later & also before the lady in the other room had her 10th kid!

2 She is beautiful but insecure because she is larger than ‘normal’

3 She is moody. The only person I’ve ever seen who was moodier was her father & he had an excuse with the birth sign of cancer.

4 She dosen’t like to read as much as I had hoped she would

5 She has very definite opionions.

6 She used to do really well in school, this past spring she actually got 3 bs & an a. when congratulated she said ‘just think what I could do if I cared’ this is the sort of comment which makes me want to smack her with a spatula! She has done better this year the first 3 marking period she got 3 a’s & a b. Much better!

7 She once was mad at her stepdad & came out of her room, smacked him on the head with a big toy plastic spoon & yelled ‘Bastard’ she was all of 2 years old!
8 She’s against the Blog, especially as it pertains to her.

9 She says she has green eyes, I think they’re more blue-gray

10 She has the thickest hair I’ve ever seen, mine is considered thick but hers, when gathered up is twice as thick as mine

11 She’s always after me to cut her hair but then she doesn’t like it after I do so.

12 She still has scars on her face from when she had chicken pox at 3 & kept scratching them.

13 She thinks she’s more mature than I am!


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