So according to Mocha Mama we’re all supposed to introduce ourselves in 10 seconds.

I’m taking an idea from Margalit & using bullet points- Speed Read this page!

♥ I’m 38 & a divorced mother of 3, Girl aged 17, Girl aged 11 & Boy aged 8. I love them all more than anything or anyone in the world.

♥ I am from Eastern Massachusetts & have all the liberal ideas & attitudes that entails.

♥ I live in the Southwest region of Virginia & Love the natural beauty & relaxed lifestyle here, I keep my politics & opinions to myself for the most part, at least out in public.

♥ I didn’t go to normal public schools or your run of the mill private schools in my childhood, I went to ‘free’ schools for the first 5 years of my education.

♥ After that, my mother taught my brother & I at home, I was not a huge fan of this at the time, nor am I now.

♥ I have worked since I was 15 although I had 3 separate stints of 2 & 1/2 years to a year as a SAHM. Now my kids are old & I work full time, plus mandatory overtime when required.

♥ I am a survivor of 3 suicides. (My Brother, my Father & my Brother in Law)

♥ I love to lurk & rarely will comment on people’s blogs- everything I think to write sounds stupid in comments- or someone already said it.

♥ I’m divorced but not ‘on the make’ I have little to no interest in dating or anything other than what I already have on my plate. (work, the kids, books & computer)

♥ I read voraciously & if I’m not reading I’m on-line or watching a movie or good TV show with the kids.

♥ I have issues with my ex & my weight, I try not to let either ruin my days though.

♥ I (or really my kids) have 2 cats they’re all nearly identical except for size & temperament. Both are fairly good at catching mice which is the only reason I can see to have a cat in the first place.

♥ I work in inbound phone technical support for a DBS television provider. I HATE my job but I’ve been there long enough that I can’t afford to leave it now.

♥ I, & all of my kids have red hair, we’re (for the most part) proud of this fact & a little vain about it.



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