Thursday morning I was still in bed, most of the way asleep, but as my oldest, Lois  is completely un-self conscious about how much noise she makes, I was at least aware she was taking a shower. A few minutes into her shower I hear a scream & as I’m rousing myself to get out of bed & praying a pipe hasn’t burst or the tub hasn’t fallen through the floor (the thought that crossed my mind was: “Please don’t let whatever this is cost me too much money”) Lois hits my bedroom door at full speed, covered with soap, her hair full of shampoo bubbles screaming “There’s a snake in the shower!” at full voice. Mr 11 was at summer school working on his reading comprehension, so was unavailable to take care of this wildlife incursion, much to my dismay.
So I got out of bed, grabbed my phone & went into the bathroom, Lois had left the shower running as the snake was wrapped around the cold water faucet, so I got that turned off gingerly & went to the bathroom while contemplating the snake & what I was going to do about it!
I took a few pictures to document it to Mr 11 & of course, facebook, & then had Lois get me a metal shish-kebab skewer & the biggest lobster pot we own, I was able to knock the snake into the pot & take it right out the back door

(conveniently located right beside the bathroom door) & dump it in the grass. Lois swears it wasn’t on the faucet when she turned the water on, she’d been in about 4-5 minutes, getting wet & soaping up when she looked down & found it on the faucet! We don’t know if it came up from the basement & came through a hole in the tub caulk, or through the back door (our screen door-which I’m so glad to have, we haven’t had one since 2006 when it fell off in an ice storm. Doesn’t fit very well) or through the faucet or drain (the drain holes are pretty small, so we don’t think that’s the case, but it’s well known around here that they do come up through drains, sinks, toilets etc.


One thought on “Boo…Hisss

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