Enough already? It’s not noon yet!

It’s been one of those days, got up to take miz Lo to work & had an argument with her over her leaving an ancient fan turned on up in her room, then on the way to her work we saw a very large bear, run across the road in front of the car. Much aggravation in town due to Floyd Fest, (too many people from somewhere else roaming around for my tastes- yes, I know it’s good for the economy.) Came home, went back to bed for a few hours & got up, started a wash, had just settled down in the living room with breakfast to finally watch True Blood from Sunday night & heard this excessively loud running water, ran into the kitchen to find that the hose which carries the water to the washing machine had opened up an inch gash & was spewing water all over my kitchen! I’m hoping, if I have to go back & forth between good & bad that the next good thing will be winning the lottery! ;^P


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