Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver

Title stolen shamelessly from a co-worker, who’ll likely never read this anyway. Home sick tonight, trying to rest my voice, it helped a little, home with the kids is not a good way to rest the voice though. There’s just too much yelling around here. What I should have done was gone to my room shut my door & slept or read. What I did was clean house a bit, take everybody for a drive in the country (don’t have to go far around here- we’re surrounded by cow fields on all 4 sides after all) & watch a few tv shows with ms 13 (just getting ahead of the weekend- since we’re going to cook out Saturday night & have company so my tv watching will be somewhat curtailed) I did gargle with salt water right after I called in to work, after we got back from our drive & just now before sitting down here at the computer.

I have a terribly stuffy nose & a sinus headache which is making it hurt to even move my head. I just couldn’t see myself managing another night of croaking away on the phone for folks to press the power button & having them say “what’s that, I can’t hear you, could you speak up sir?” Never mind the embarrassing implications that I sound like a guy when I’m sick. I’m determined not to have my job cost me my voice. My illness (third in 10 weeks, if it weren’t for the sore throat I’d think allergies but everything I’ve read suggests allergies are all sinus related, sore throats are asymptomatic) is going to cost me the option to apply for a job change for at least the next 8 to 12 weeks though, it’s 90 days to get rid of the write up that this is going to put me on, although I have another attendance issue rolling off June 25 so I think I won’t be on a write up after that date.

Ms 20 has work tomorrow so it’s up at 8, back to bed for awhile, have to take the car for yearly inspection & an oil change at 1 & then pick ms 20 back up at 3, then back home to get mr 10 & ms 13 & off we go to Walmart to get groceries for the next 2 weeks. Such fun! Actually it is often pretty fun, mr 10, ms 13 & I have a lot of fun shopping together, now that they’re old enough to not fuss & ask for everything in the store, they get an allowance & it’s amusing to me to listen to the two of them budget their money to get what they want most during our trips.

As for entertaining myself, I’ve been sucked into Facebook recently (yes, that’s a South Park reference, as I keep telling my much younger co-workers, us 41 year olds can enjoy SP too.) I’m also playing a lot of Scrabble Solitaire. Which I have done off & on for a long time, but just lately, my day is not complete until I’ve played 3 or 4 games.  Still annoying the kids (both at home & at work) with references to Mybook & Facespace. Also ruining the younger kids days at least once a week by taking the tv remote controls to work with me so that they have to clean their rooms. Mr 10 has all the makings of one of those people with the stacks of newspaper mazes through their houses & every piece of junk mail they’ve received in the mail for the past 30 years, I’m not kidding, I don’t get how 1 kid can make such huge messes so quickly!

Ms 20 is still working at the nursing home, complaining about minimum wage but not doing a thing about getting her car on the road or even her drivers license which, if she at least had that, she could take my car to work & let me sleep. Ms 13 has disproved her sister’s prediction & has kept her grades up high enough this year that she is not a candidate for summer school this year (first time ever). Mr 10 is not doing as well, he’s smart enough to catch on quick, doesn’t do his homework etc & then aces tests (at least in math) so we’re looking at 1 week of summer school for English, which sucks, but maybe he’ll eventually figure out like his sister did that he’s got to put in the work & that it’s a direct consequence of not studying.  Too bad they don’t test him on lizards, minnows, frogs & crayfish because he’s a definite wealth of knowledge on these thanks to our creek.

It’s pretty much definite that we’re not going to Massachusetts this summer at all. I’m behind on all my bills & have already made a decision about what to pay & what to let go which is not going to make me very popular with credit card companies, nor will it be good for my credit score, but as the credit counselor I talked to before making my decision (a last ditch effort to avoid it) I don’t want to be the person in the homeless shelter with a dozen credit cards after all. So instead of vacation, we may go camping. I’m also hoping someone might deign to come to VA & see us for once (I’m betting it won’t be my mother though.)  Those of you who keep saying someday, this should be the year!


3 thoughts on “Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver

  1. Hmmm, could you be talking about ME perhaps?? LOL. The way the economy is, I doubt very many people will be going on vacations this year.

    • Lol, you, my Cousins, other friends who’ll remain nameless (they know who they are) The economy does have a lot to do with my decision not to come up too. Although if my mother had been willing I would have pulled it off somehow.

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