Missing You

Well, not you specifically, I don’t know who you are as a matter of fact. I’m just in the habit of titling posts on the song I’m currently listening at the time I begin typing. This one fit because I’m exceptionally homesick this week. I want to go to the Flower Show! As a kid, nearly every year we went, I remember walking in (before it was held at the Seaport Trade Center ) one year & on the way in the building we had to walk by a snowman, (there was a lot of snow on the ground that year) with daisies for eyes & nose. I remember years even longer ago than that one where I was very resentful of my younger brother getting to ride in a stroller, losing a balloon which floated to the ceiling before anyone could tie it to my wrist & every year a green-dyed carnation. Because it’s always in March & of course, St. Patricks day is in March, although I do believe in other years it was earlier in the month, before the holiday.

So I really wanted to go but didn’t even think of it until just last week, so there was no way to budget in a 4 day whirlwind trip up to MA (especially not with that hefty $20. per person ticket fee.!) So maybe next year. If I remember in time to save for it & ask for the days off 60 days in advance from work & can talk ms 20 into getting her license so she can share the drive up & back, because I know she’d love it, she did the last time we went, when she was 6.  (maybe she was 5? I can’t remember if I was pregnant or if that was the year before I got pregnant with ms 13.) We have pictures, but I took them all & so don’t know if I was pregnant or not!

I read on the Horticultural Society website that they didn’t have one last year & I’m very relieved that they did one this year, if you’re in the area, go & see it for me because it’s a wonderful, fun breath of spring, I at least have crocuses & daffodil buds already in my yard, you people in driving distance of Boston, you need to see & smell those flowers!


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