Sound of Madness

‘Scuse the title, I just used the title of the next song which came up when I hit shuffle on my phone’s MP3 player. Not exactly inappropriate to my life these days, not that there’s anything specifically wrong. Just waiting for spring to come & hoping it will help to snap me out of my current funk.

I’ve pulled up a draft screen every night I’ve been at the computer for the past 3 weeks, considered what I might say while checking out fails, lol cats, ok cupid, email, playing 3D mahjong or just generally web surfing & then closed it eventually as I couldn’t think of a thing worth typing out.

I’m still re-reading the Outlander series, I’m back to the most recent book, which I read for the first time back last November, bringing on the need to re-read the whole series. I don’t regret it, I tend to inhale books & often get more out of a re-read than I did on the initial reading.

I’m still working nights. ms 19 20, (It’s been over a month & I still forget she’s had a birthday.)  Is still working at the same job, I’m still driving her back & forth from work to home, which is what requires me to work nights (although I admit I’m better suited to night work, getting up at 6:15 am to make it to work by 8 is not for me)

We’re all pretty sick of snow. There’s still large patches of snow in my yard even though it’s been over 40 for the past 4 or 5 days & even up to 65 today. The parts of the yard which are not snow-covered are very muddy & ms 13 slipped & fell earlier today when she was getting out of the car. A pity too as she had on a cute pink & gray striped dress which looked good on her until the butt became mud covered in the aforementioned incident.

Mr 10 is staying after school Tuesdays & Thursdays these days to help make up for the 3 weeks the kids were out of school due to snow & ice this winter. I forgot he was doing so & embarrassed myself by calling the school this afternoon when he didn’t get off the bus. (I thought it was just for last week, not for multiple weeks).

Work is the same as always, although slower than usual this spring. They’re sending us home almost nightly. For my last paycheck – I was short over 7 hours of time due to being sent home early. I should say accepting the option to leave early, they don’t insist (most of the time) but I’m of weak character & if the option is offered I have trouble saying no. It doesn’t help that if there are 30 people on the phone, waiting 8-10 minutes between calls & they send 10 or 15 of them home, the remaining people start taking calls almost back to back again. That is so not motivation to stay.

After the -7 hours debacle last week, I was determined to stay at work until they made me leave every night that I’m scheduled to be there.
Then yesterday, when I got up in what passes for morning in my life I went to the bathroom & upon coming out stepped on what appears to be a shard of porcelain or ceramic. It was about an inch & a half long & a quarter inch wide, I now have a quarter inch hole in my foot in which this inch & a half shard was buried over half way. I was home alone at the time which is a good thing because if the kids had heard what I was yelling I would be embarrassed. I soaked first the sock I had on the punctured foot & then the one on the other foot, which I took off & used to apply pressure to the gaping wound,  with blood.

I was on my way to give a friend whose truck had broken down a ride & so crammed some clean cloth on the foot, put a clean sock on it, got dressed & went along, with one thing & another I was driving around until 3 when I had to get ms 20 at work & so came home with less than an hour before I had to go to work. Ms 13 cleaned it out for me & bandaged it for the evening’s work. But it throbbed all night (I took Aleve which did not do what it’s name promises) Walking around at work to the break room & the bathroom (not to mention the walk from the car to the building & back again) the cut bled all over yet a third sock & in my sneaker.

To ms 13’s credit though, the band aids she used held on through all the bleeding, the drive home, my nights sleep & into my shower this morning, where I peeled it, cleaned it out (it had healed up enough overnight that it didn’t start bleeding in the shower again- thank goodness) and had ms 13, who was home from school with a ‘stomachache’ today bandage it up again.

The hardest thing about this puncture wound is that it’s in the arch of my foot & so I’m favoring the side of my foot so as  not to put too much pressure on the wound. This is throwing my walk out of balance & making my back ache terribly.

The whole point of this story is that last night & tonight I copped out & took the offer of going home early after sticking it out to 130 A.M. Sunday night only. Verbose & chatty indeed.  Maybe this will be the beginning of more writing here, of course, I’m boring myself with this discourse & I lived it so we’ll see.


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