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So I signed up for Twitter today. Not really my idea, but my work wants us on there & linked with them so they can let us know about overtime “opportunities” (they call it opportunity, I call it forced labor- well, no, I know I’m lucky to have a job, but I’d really prefer to do my 45 hours & be through with it) They’re giving jeans passes for those who sign up this week (yes, I work in a call center & they still make us dress business casual– we don’t have video phones so I don’t really see the point)They’re also stating that they’re going to let us know if there’s open times for extra time off, which I could like very well, of course, I’m not holding my breath, this is our busy time of year (you’ll notice I said 45 hours above, not 40. We’re on mandatory OT for Feb & March for sure. )

I think my worst feeling about Twitter is that it’s making our collective attention span even shorter, back in the mid 1980’s people complained that MTV was making everyone’s attention span about 3 & 1/2 minutes due to the length of videos, a hour long tv program seemed like a commitment to “the youth of today” (that would be 1986 as ‘today’) I didn’t buy it myself, being a reader from way back I have & had a long attention span, however, now I work with college students (working nights I’ve got a lot of younger people around me as opposed to the daytime crowd who’s median age is probably still younger than my own age, but still more in the 25-36 age group where the night time people are more in the 19-30 age range for the most part. So in less than 25 years we’re down from the 3 minute video attention span to 160 characters? Scary to say the least.

The other thing which makes me say Twitter just  might be the devil is that it seems obscenely self involved to post stuff ( I can’t quite bring myself to call it ‘tweeting’) I only follow my middle daughter, my work & a comedian I’m somewhat obsessed with due to the Sirius radio comedy channels (Bob Marley-  he’s from Maine & is wicked funny) I mean who cares what I had for dinner or did on the weekend, I realize blogging isn’t to far off that, but I can always call it a journal & I have never really worked hard to publicize the blog thing, as a matter of fact I’ve taken the links to it off of almost everything (I really don’t want the ex to read this thing, not because it’s all that incriminating or insulting to him (although there have been entries which weren’t exactly flattering) but more because he just doesn’t need to know & he’s already friended me on facebook, I just haven’t approved the request.

There’s also a bit of irony in my signing up for yet another thing I probably won’t keep up with. Somehow working 4 10 hour days seemed to give me a lot more time to myself, maybe it’s how I choose to spend the time I have rather than there being more time but it seems as though there’s never enough time for anything during my work days & the 2 days off I have I don’t spend at the computer any longer.  Yes, I admit most of what I’m doing is watching tv or reading or playing cards or monotony with the kids. The motivation to get online is close to nil right now.

Maybe It will pick up as the winter progresses, we’re supposed to have a storm Friday so perhaps then (at least until the snow knocks the computer out)

My username on Twitter is ReBecky68


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