New Year, New Plans?

Doubt it.

I’m going to try to get on here more often & write again, there just isn’t much to say these days, just work, home, hang out with the kids & get up & do it all over again the next week. Christmas was rough, we had a bigger focus on doing for others rather than what we were all going to get. Which was nice, as far as it went.

On the 23rd one of my co-workers, who works part time asked me if I’d be willing to ‘let’ her work for me on Christmas eve. She was looking to pick up some more hours & my boss had let her know that I hadn’t been eligible to take Christmas eve off & with the ice storm they were calling for on that night sounding very terrible I really didn’t want to come in on the 24th at all for more reasons than family ones.

Of course the actual day conspired to bring us all closer together as the power went out early in the day. We had planned to have roast duck, but ended up having Beef Bourgingnon because I could cook that on the stovetop- since  I have a propane stove top which I bought to take campingbut have used much more often during power outages, it was a little weird opening the gifts without the Christmas tree lights lit, but it wasn’t a bad thing, we spent most of the rest of the day in the dining room where I keep the kerosene heater, playing games & staying warm.

New years eve I worked, which is just as well, it was my wedding anniversary, had our marriage survived, this would have been #16. It’s probably for the best that it didn’t survive though, I know my life is a lot more comfortable & easier on my own with the kids than it was with the ex.  The only unpleasant spot on New Years eve was Drunken Customers, I can not understand what would possess someone to call a business while drunk. People call though & rant, rave, slur & yell a lot on the holidays.


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