Random Thoughts Short on Substance

I found out just after midnight that not one, but two of the 22 co-workers on my “team” share my birth date of 11/26. Of course, I’m the oldest.

Tonight I got 3 text messages from friends wishing me a happy birthday & 1 wishing me a happy thanksgiving. Oddest one was from a 603 area code, it could be from either of 2 people, but since it’s apparently a new number, I’m not sure if it’s A’s or J’s!

Shopping for the kids for Christmas online is depressing. The only thing I buy that way are clothes so I’m already facing at least 2 out of 3 not terribly enthused about receiving clothes for holiday gifts in the first place. Then there’s the worry about will they like what I got for them.

Still trying to write more here, not succeeding very well at all. Thought about it last night for Thursday 13 but couldn’t quite think of 13 of anything.

I’m off tomorrow night from work. It made more sense to me to request the day after Thanksgiving off so as to have a 3 day weekend than to have the holiday off & go back to work on Friday. 11/27 is Jimi Hendrix’s birthday so it’s worth celebrating right?

Talking with the ex today after the kids spoke with him, it’s like talking to someone on the phone at work, no real personal information is exchanged: “How are you? That’s nice. Ready for the Holiday season? No me either” I can’t believe I’ve known him since I was 13, lived with him for over 9 years & was married to him for more than 8 years. Just don’t know the guy at all any more.

The one thing I regret about not being able to have today off was that it would have been fun to go to my mother in law’s. She’s a really cool lady & last year’s Thanksgiving feast at her house was great.

I found out tonight that while my new shift does give me Christmas off automatically (as I have Friday & Saturday off every week & Christmas is on a Friday this year) I am not going to be able to take Christmas Eve off. However. I do have next Sunday off, which is important to me because with the new scheduling, I would have had only Saturday off next week & then have had to work 5 days before getting my new Friday- Saturday off schedule underway.



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