October Review

1. Photo of Me:  No pics, don’t want to scare the kids.

2. Current Candle Scents: We use a lot more incense than candles here, really loving the sandalwood this month.

3. What I am Currently Reading: I didn’t finish the book from last month until the 29th, but started An Echo In The Bone as soon as I’d closed the Templar Legacy.

4. Newest Music Added to my Playlists: Nothing this month, I’m still too suckered into the satellite radio in the car & I’m not online very much these days, there never seems to be time.

5. Movies I saw:  No theatrical trips for me this month, (I know, I’m terribly boring, that’s why I don’t blog much any longer, there’s nothing to say!) At home we watched a few horror movies, more me keeping the kids company while they did so really, I’m not a fan of horror movies since I discovered what sorts of real-life horrors there are in the world.

6. Something yummy I made this month:  3 Cheese Spinach Lasagna (also known as roll ups, but I just lay it out in lasagna form instead, it’s easier.) So good we’re planning to have it again either this Sunday or the following one.

7. The Last Place I Ate Out:  The kids & I picked up pizza at our local pizza place (called Aly’s) the weekend ms 19’s BF put in my new bathroom floor.

8. Something which made me Cry:  The general kindness & goodneBrandnewfloorss of my 19 year old’s BF for putting in my new bathroom floor. (if he’d just get the sink & the medicine cabinet in I’d be jumping up & down.) This was all without pay, when I muttered something about paying him back someday he told me he wasn’t looking for any money, we needed the floor & he knew how to do it, he also pointed out that I’ve fed him enough meals that he feels like he owes me. He doesn’t but it was sweet of him to say.

9. Something which made me Laugh:  ms 19 woke me up on the Sunday morning of the bathroom renovations saying “do you want the bathroom painted or not? If you do, come help me now” I got out of bed, threw on old clothes & she, I mr 10 & ms 13 all crowded into our 5 foot, 2 inch by 3 foot 11 inch bathroom & painted the walls red. redred walls It’s a very small space & we were very crowded, you can see in this picture, which really is just to show the color, that we weren’t very careful & got it on the ceiling. Ms 19 was determined that we should paint before the vynil went down on the floor & considering what the plywood looked like when we were through she was right.

10. Something that I looked forward to this month:  Halloween of course! This was my first year at home, 19 & the BF decided to take 10 & 13 out trick or treating, I got to take it easy & wait around for trick or treaters so that I could hand out our candy supply.

11. Something I am thankful for:  That we all had a safe halloween & that I had enough money to be able to buy the materials to replace the bathroom floor & to buy the melting chocolate & do the halloween chocolate pops for the kid’s classes & ms 19’s & my workplaces this year.

12. Something I want to remember about this month:  All of it was wonderful, we really had a great month, from the bathroom, to the chocolate pop making, to the game nights each Sunday to pumpkin carving on the morning & mid-day of halloween itself. Everyone really worked at getting along & being nice to one another this month it seemed & we really had a great month.

13. A Picture I took this month: This is ms 19’s pumpkin, eventually I’ll post the others but it costs to send pictures from the phone & I can take them off the memory card for free, but it’s time consuming & at 3:19 a.m. Well, it’s just not happening tonight!



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