I’m in a funk. I know the economy is bad, I know I should be grateful that I even have a job. But I’m really hating my life right now. I don’t usually hate it this much, the occasional grumpy, rude customer doesn’t get me down, most are pretty happy with me because although I’m sometimes as much as the third or fourth person they’ve spoken to, I am usually the one who fixes their problem. Or, if I can’t fix it myself, over the phone, I resolve it by setting up for a technician to come out & fix it at their house. When you’re through talking to me 99% of the time, the problem has a resolution, one way or another. Also, since they put me back on the phones in June, I don’t charge people for stuff they’re supposed to be charged for, oh of course I tell them what the charge is, but if they give me any push back at all, like: “I’ve been a customer for 3 (or 2 or 10) years, I don’t think I should have to pay” I say ok & adjust the cost of a technician, or whatever they’re bitching about having to pay. It is a part of my job, to make the customer happy, not just fix the problem but give exceptional customer service & please them at the same time. This week however, thing have been going poorly, I’m fighting a sore throat, which may or may not be part of the H1N1 thing which is going on, I’ve heard that it starts in the ears, goes to the throat & then the nose, but I’ve also heard it’s more stomach flu with diarrhea. So I don’t know exactly & I resent the fact that most news organizations aren’t giving that info out, at my work they want you to describe how you’re feeling & let them determine if it’s H1N1 or not too, which is ridiculously unfair to me. All night tonight, I got yelled at because the customer’s perception was that it was our fault. Them having their tv on the wrong channel, the snow falling outside their windows (in more than a few states!) & their decision to rearrange their rooms & move their satellite receiver away from the connection in the wall which has a connection to the dish outside had no bearing on the situation whatsoever. (in their opinions at least) I was in tears 3 times before ‘lunch’ at 930 (yes, it could be somewhat hormonal, I admit) and spent my lunch enjoying the new book I’m reading & comforting myself with reminders that by 11 it would be quiet & I’d only have to take 3-4 calls an hour by then, that I only had to get through tonight & tomorrow night & I’ll have my 2 nights off for the weekend. I got back on the phone with renewed energy & vigor & at first it was great because we weren’t getting any calls, it had already quieted down & It was barely past 10 pm! Then I got a call, I barely got a chance to tell the guy my name & thank him for calling, he interrupted & ranted, shouted, swore & raged for 13 minutes, I got my mouth open to try to apologize & begin to rebutt his statements & he hung up on me.  Just slammed down the phone & was gone. After making threats about the BBB & that we had better get UPS out to his house to take back the box we had sent him which he didn’t want & had told us not to send.  Of course, since he was not on the phone anymore I couldn’t do much for him, I noted the situation, logged off the computer & told my boss I was sick. I went to the store to get a pumpkin carving set as I’d promised my kids that I’d pick one up tonight since Ms 19 got paid & paid me. Then I came home & read websites & looked at vintage halloween decorations to try to decompress. It’s helped a little but I still have to go back tomorrow & do another 8 & 1/2 hours. Not a good situation at all. After 8 years there, I know how to handle escalated customers, but also after 8 years there, the stupidity, the wilful immaturity, the general rudeness of people really gets to me, it builds up on me more & more & I’m getting less & less able to cope with it. There have been many times when I thought I wouldn’t make it much further with this job. Right now, when I know there is not just no other job which would pay so well, there are no other jobs period. I have to keep this job but I don’t know if I can.

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