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Funny how the idea you have about something before you actually experience the reality is so far from the truth.
I’ve been on nights for nearly 8 months now.
I thought it would be great as it’s closer to my natural preference, to stay up late & sleep in, in the morning.
The whole reason I’m working nights is to free myself up to take ms 19 back & forth to work though, so I’m up at 7:10 to make sure ms 13 & mr 10 get off to school in a timely manner & don’t keep their bus driver waiting, then on ms 19’s work days (just lately 4-5 days per week instead of the 3 a week it was when we started this experiment) I’m up again at 8 to take her to work, back home by 8:45 & asleep again, usually, by 9:30.
Then I get up when I feel like it- this is supposed to be around 10:30 -11 but is often closer to noon & sometimes, 1pm. I schlep around, watch the news & daily show from the day before on DVR & then the noon news on DVR each day & often before I’ve finished that it’s time to go get ms 19 from work.
By the time we’re back home the younger kids have arrived home on the bus & I have under an hour until I have to leave for work- that’s at 4pm.
I work from 5 to 1:30 (except that at least twice a week & sometimes more often, they offer to send people home if they’d like to go & I’m really bad at resisting that offer!)
At home I often get online & read my email, play majongg on Lifetime & do surveys for survey spot. I often pull up the blog & even come all the way to this page, the one where I could write a new post.
This is where I bog down though, I’m tired, no one wants to hear about my day (or night) at work, I’m somewhat prohibited from discussing it anyway, can’t talk about technology (& after 8 hours of talking to people about why theirs is malfunctioning why would I want to?) I’m afraid to comment on the company’s polices both toward customers & towards employees. (99% steady signal indeed)
The kids are all old enough to know exactly what I’m doing when I’m at the computer & I’m routinely told “don’t blog this mom” I have strong opinions on politics & social issues, but I believe opinions are like asses, everyone has them & they all stink so it’s best left unaired.
So after a few paragraphs of what I can’t & won’t write about I’ll go ahead & share some stuff that has been happening.

We’ve been playing games every Sunday night for a couple of months now, it began when Chrissie & her daughter were still living here, she & I would play with my younger kids, then her daughter, ms 19 & ms 19’s BF started coming down & hanging out, we were pretty limited at first because everyone wanted to play rummy or Scrabble & though Chrissie, the kids & I tried, we had a lot of trouble convincing ms 19, the bf & Sami that Apples to Apples was a worthwhile game, we did it though & now ms 19 is the loudest one when we’re discussing what to play each week. I also bowed to pressure from mr 10 & taught everyone who didn’t know how to do so, to play poker, so we often do a little family gambling just for my father’s chips so far, no actual money has changed hands yet, but we’re talking about a nickle, dime & penny night sometime soon. I’m really glad we’re doing this, game nights used to be once every 3-4 months & though everyone always said we should do it more, we never managed, now I’m cooking a big meal to share with whoever is there at the time & we’re all having a lot of fun with it.

If you read this blog often (and there’s seldom much to read lately) you’re aware I purchased a new sink, new flooring & base wood for my bathroom, last weekend was the repair the bathroom weekend. Ms 19’s BF took over the whole project & did an awesome job. It happened to be my grocery shopping weekend so I couldn’t really help much Saturday, ms 19 & the BF pulled up the old floor, took out the old sink & toilet etc & replaced a section about 3×3 of the sub-floor too, then put down the new base floor.Broom floor & Cam's knees This is the floor while in progress, mr 10’s knees are in the picture because he refused to move.

Sunday morning ms 19 woke me up & said “lets paint the bathroom before bf puts down the new linoleum”. So we did. I’ve had maroon paint for a long time, it was originally for the dining room but multiple people convinced me that maroon in a windowless room was a bad idea (I’m quite happy with the yellow the painters painted it during the roof & other repairs after the tree fell on the house) So the maroon paint was just sitting there & my cousin has a maroon bathroom downstairs in her house (of course, lucky her, it’s a lavatory, they have 2 bathrooms at their house! Lucky lucky) so I had been thinking the maroon miBroom Wallght look good- and it will, after I get the trim painted white- it’s currently mauve which is an unusual combination to say the least, I also purchased gloss paint when it was for the dining room, I had read a description in a much-loved book of a room painted that color with gold stencils & I was going to do the stenciling too in the bathroom. (before mr 10 discovered the stencil paints & ruined them all, I’ll have to purchase more gold paint before I can do so now). I don’t have pictures of the finished project because the sink isn’t installed yet, the BF ran out of time & our old sink has leaked for nearly a year so we’re all used to not having a sink in the bathroom (we just use the kitchen sink) & will continue until 19’s BF has time to install the new sink. This picture gives an idea of the color, it is a bit more magenta than maroon I think, but the kids like it & it was fun painting the room with them at least.

My love hate relationship with the Sirius satellite radio continues, they’re doing a week-long Halloween channel, I’m really enjoying it, I got to hear Christopher Walken read Poe’s the Raven on the way to work today & excerpts from Dracula on the way home. They also have scary stories, songs like the obvious “monster mash”, scary music, reminiscences of people who apparently work for Sirius about their favorite Halloween memories etc.   Pretty cool idea, I’m sure if it lasted much more than a week though, I’d tire of it.


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