Thirteen Quick Thoughts

1. According to my weather info on my msn home page, it’s not going to be above 50 at all for the next 4 days & it’s going to rain. This is a very bad thing as I have not even dug out the heater & don’t really have much money for kerosene right now.

2. I have to go see mr 10’s teachers tomorrow for a conference, in the first marking period he got some really worrisome grades: A- B, C, D & an F. The F was in english, the B in math, which is totally him but still not good.

3. Ms 13 is applying herself for the second year in a row & received 2 As & 2 Bs.

4. Every evening lately, I come home from work & go online to play mahjong, I pull up this site & most nights I pull up the option for a new post, then I consider what to write, I really do want to write but then I think of all the things I hate about work & can’t put down for fear of  losing my job, I think of all the things I’m worried about in general & don’t want to bore people with & so I often don’t write (obviously, I’m down to Thursday Thirteens only this week).

5. There’s also the added concern that the ex has located me on Facebook & so we’re “friends” now there. I’m worried he’ll find me on My space next & locate the link to this blog.

6. I haven’t actually been to myspace to take the link down yet however, not sure if that’s being stupid,  lazy or just assuming he won’t take the initiative to bother looking there. He claims to not have time or interest in these sites.

7. I was a little appalled the other day when ms 19 pointed out that my myspace status still read “eagerly waiting to go on vacation” We left on vacation at the middle of July. I hadn’t been back on myspace since before that!

8. Obviously I’m not a big fan & don’t have the time or interest to maintain these sites either.

9. Same could be said of the blog just lately, it’s more about not really knowing what to write, if I complain about conditions at my house, well that’s boring & upsets certain residents of my house.

10. I’m especially under strict gag orders on ms 19 & ms 13 both of whom are annoyed that I have a blog at all still. “That’s so 2005 mom, get on twitter or get over it”

11. Did I mention I’m playing a lot of Mahjong lately?

12. New boss at work is pretty ok. I can’t say cool or great, but she’s not bad. It’s kind of nice to have a normal female boss (as opposed to the last female boss I had who seemed to be trying to prove she was even less sentimental, kind & human than the male bosses)

13. Ms 19’s BF’s birthday is this weekend, I’m using it as an excuse to make a cake!


7 thoughts on “Thirteen Quick Thoughts

  1. Blogs might be 2005, but that is okay with me!! Twitter alternately confuses me and drives me crazy-and sometimes it does both at one time!! Besides which I am a wordy person, and the character limit is something that I find impossible!

    Happy TT!!

  2. I don’t get twitter. I’m on it but it doesn’t make any sense to me. Give me Facebook or a blog; those I understand!

    Remind your kids that they don’t know everything!

  3. Well……..if it’s too cold for you in your week….come on over, it’s still in the high 80s and low 90s here. Consider this an invitation.

    My Thursday 13 is Halloween Themed jokes…come on over for some laughs. [You’ll find it below my Thursday Thunks…scroll down a bit.]

    Click HERE

  4. Mahjong? I’ll have to google it but I don’t want any more reasons to be on the computer. I don’t want my x for a facebook friend or a blog reader either. My worst nightmare.

  5. Tracie: I agree, I’ve never twittered & don’t intend to! If I didn’t feel constrained by work & the kids telling me what I can’t write about, I’d still be blogging a bunch.
    Country Dew: Lol, I constantly remind my kids they don’t know everything! They just don’t believe me!
    Hootin Anni: 80’s & 90’s weather is much more my style & I’d love to come visit, it’s that pesky job & my “darling” kids holding me back again!
    Colleen: I agree 100% that an ex reading anyone’s blog (but especially mine) is a worst case scenario in my book too.

  6. I look at Thursday 13 as a welcome diversion. Twitter, not sure how I feel about it. Seems to me you have to be on it constantly to really get the most out of it. I simply don’t have that kind of time lol
    Happy T13!

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