More Jeep Things

As I mentioned in my last post, I had issues with my lovely Jeep Compass. They were serious engine issues, my ex’s guesstimate as to what it might have cost to fix the problem was between 2 & 3 thousand dollars. The Jeep dealership was actually less optimistic than that.

I was already considering the Salesman’s comment about replacing the Compass with another car when I said I didn’t find it funny last Thursday morning. Friday I went in to talk to them about it.

Long story short I am the somewhat reluctant but very relieved owner of a 2009 Jeep grand cherokee. It is HUGE. It is very white & it is coming with a very large payment.

However, I didn’t have the money to pay for the repairs the compass needed, I didn’t have the money to pay for the tires the compass would have had to have had by January to pass inspection, they were able to put what I owed on the compass (not an inconsiderable amount at all, let me tell you) into the payment on the cherokee, they combined credits for taking a 2009 after the 2010s were released with loyalty credits & multiple other credits that they didn’t exactly explain to make it a work-able situation.

I like the way the new car sits up so high, and the Sirius satellite radio (which I’m already familiar with because the company I work for has Sirius music channels in its lineup for your listening pleasure & the kids & I all often use them at home when doing something which we’d prefer to have music with (house cleaning is the #1 thing I do while listening to Sirius in my house I admit).

The car is not as roomy in the drivers seat area as the compass was, which surprises me as it’s a lot bigger everywhere else. If I hadn’t gone from the drivers seat of one to the other I would think I was crazy, but I’ve got to lose weight to drive this car comfortably (not exactly a bad thing, I admit).

It is so freakin’ huge I feel like I am going to drive over things, I’ve also seen it do a few odd things in the lights system, I was driving home the first night & suddenly although the high beams light on the dash was on, the headlights were on low, I flipped them back to low & back to high & they were high beams again, also the first & second nights, my front right turn signal didn’t work, the light on the instrument panel for the right turn flashed rapidly which is a signal that one of the outside lights is out & so when I got home I tried them & found it was the front right. Then, the last 2 nights though, the right turn light worked fine!

I certainly hope I don’t have a car built on a Monday when the workers were hung over or a Friday when they were all in a hurry to get the day over with & go home! Loose wires seems like the most likely reason for this, but of course everything is sealed up so I can’t even see any wires to check, let alone check them & of course because both issues are no longer going on, it’s useless to take it to the dealership.

Along with the new car payment I have a new insurance payment & of course, here it is the last month before renewal so I have a great big payment to make on the insurance just for October, then in November it will be spread out between the 6 months payments like normal.

The younger kids like the new truck a lot (the compass seemed more like a car, although it’s considered a medium size SUV, this thing seems more like a real truck- handles like one too) They like anything new & different is part of the situation & the back seat is bigger & has a slide out cup holder which I like due to the disgusting mess they’ve made of previous back seat cup holders.

Ms 19 is less excited, she is concerned because her BF read online that they get horrible gas mileage, this is the first 6 cylinder car I’ve ever owned (the ex & I had an Iroc with an 8 cylinder for a winter once, but I tried to not drive it more than I had to- he had trouble getting it started on many a cold morning & would spray ether in the carburetor & the image of the mushroom cloud like fireballs which would come off the top of that engine scarred me for life).

So I wasn’t expecting much in the gas mileage department, the paper stuck to the window glass said 13 city & 20 highway which was concerning, but of course, twisting mountain roads are neither city or highway & I’ve had cars I thought would do great do horribly & cars I thought would be terrible get great mileage here.

The compass had a read out that gave an MPG average read out & before it started having engine trouble it averaged 27-30 MPG, after it started having issues & running on only 3 cylinders it averages 23-25 MPG, still better than this cherokee I admit, but the cherokee is doing pretty well for what it is, it’s MPG readout like the compass’ one showed 18-19 the first half of the first day & it’s been between 19 & 21 every day since then, not too shabby considering the size of the truck & the size of the engine.

One great thing is that although my plates still renew in December, this car’s state inspection expires in April, this is good because I’m more likely to have money to replace tires then & do any other repairs which are required like brakes etc in April than I am in December which is when the Compass’ inspections expired.

Oh & the very best thing about this new car? It has a lifetime warranty on the drivetrain. As the lead mechanic at the dealership said, if what happened to the compass’ engine happened to this car, it would be covered, at most I might have to pay $100.  That, I can affort.


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