13 Thoughts, few of them positive (fair warning)

1. I am in deep now, I took a loan against my 401k to catch myself up, pay a few large, not worthwhile bills off & re-floor my bathroom.

2. Today I took my car in to get an oil change & determine why the check engine light was on, being the ex-wife of an auto mechanic means I take things like this fairly lightly, I thought it would be the EGR valve or some such thing which would be fixed & I’d go on my way.

3. Underneath the above whistling in the dark I knew that the check engine light blinking while I was driving & the choppy performance of the car since Sunday afternoon were bad signs though.

4. Sure enough, my #4 cylinder is mis-firing & lacks compression, the garage where I took it wants $68. an hour to tear down the engine to determine why this is going on.

5. Yes, I said to determine why, fixing what’s wrong with it will be additional cost.

6. Still not laughing at the salesman’s comment, after I heard this news, that if I wanted to trade it in he’d love to sell me a new car (I still owe in the 5 figure range on this car- putting another car on top of what I owe on this one would make my car payment something near my mortgage’s monthly payment.)

7. Of course, we bought all the stuff for the bathroom floor & re-do last weekend, I’ve already mailed off my catch-up payments & after the oil change & spark plug replacement I did today I have about $70. of the loan money left to my name.

8. Which means I’m still going to be late on many bills because fixing the car is going to have to come before anything else, because if I don’t have a dependable, working car I will lose my job & be even less able to pay all my other bills. What a mess.

9. All is not lost, ms 19’s BF’s best friend & his dad run a garage just a few miles away, they charge $40. an hour for repairs so I can save over $100. Just in having them tear down the engine & determining what is wrong with it, then I might be able to cover fixing what’s wrong along with determining what’s wrong!

10.  This is what I get for buying American & driving 27+ miles each way to work daily (not to mention 44 miles each day on the days I have to take ms 19 to work on top of my daily work drive)

11. Big kudos to Chrissie who’s taking ms 19 to work tomorrow (& probably Friday) so I don’t have to drive my car so much while it’s misfiring.

12. I am torn about calling the garage tomorrow because if they can’t finish the work before Friday night I don’t even want them to start until Monday because this is a grocery shopping week & I can not be stranded at home all weekend.

13. Thanks will also be going out to the 1 co-worker I have who lives even further out than I do, he drives by my road every day on his way to work & just 2 weeks ago he ended up on my team & my exact schedule & so he’s agreed to pick me up for work on which ever work days the car is in the shop getting fixed.


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