13 Pictures

Last year, in an attempt to clear some space in my old computer I moved a lot of pictures from the computer to a memory chip. Of course, as is par for the course in my life, the chip disappeared immediately afterwards. I tore the computer area apart, crawled around under the desk, the computer stand, the sewing table where I keep pens, papers, usb conections etc & could not find this chip.  Fast forward to last weekend, mr 10, always one to push the seasons asked me to allow him to take out the Halloween decorations & look through them, after extracting a promise that he wouldn’t try to decorate the house until October 3 (first weekend in October) I agreed. We found 4 or 5 decorations which will require glue & a delicate hand to reconstruct & the memory chip! Stil in it’s plastic case it had gotten tossed into a pumpkin bowl which had been on top of the monitor & when the pumpkin was packed, the chip went too. So in honor of the return of all my pictures, here are 13 of my favorite pictures off the chip, most of which are older pictures of either the kids or me.
1. Me at about 8 months, I still have the bear, which is why I like the picture.


2.  Lois91050Ms 19 at 11 months, I always loved this look on her face.

3.  The whole Crew99071All 3 kids in 1999, ms 13 (on the left) had not had her eye surgery yet so her eye is very crossed in this picture.

4. Cam2001139Mr 10, as a toddler, back when we still lived in the trailer.

5.  The Girls075Another picture from before we moved to our current home, ms 19 (then 12) has just said something  which isn’t exactly true, you can tell because of the look on ms 13’s (then 6) face.

6. Becky 2 yrs013Another one of me, age 2 this time.

7.  Copy of Cabbagepatch066Ms 19 (then 9) & Ms 13 (then 2) back in the pre-mr 10 days, clowning around with cabbage leaves which were part of dinner that night.

8. Cam & Lois Camping133mr 10 while we were camping when he was just a month past his first birthday. That’s ms 19 in the foreground.

9. BraidedvalMs 13 a couple of years ago, I wish she’d let her hair grow,  she looked so cute with it braided & now it’s too short to braid!

10.  butterflyms 13 & mr 10 a few years ago on a lovely, bright fall day. (not like this week, cold, rainy & cloudy- ugh!)

11.  Becky & Lois 1990026Ms 19 & I on her first Christmas morning. Oh so many years ago, I don’t feel old enough to have a daughter who is nearly 20!

12.  ValRockIVMs 13 during one of our many excursions to the river to swim this summer.

13.  CamSwimMr 10 in a similar position as ms 13 in the above picture, thought I should include something more recent. Just for contrast.


4 thoughts on “13 Pictures

  1. Sweet, sweet! Going down memory lane with you through your photo album…love it.

    My Thursday 13 [scroll below my Thursday Thunks] post is now published. It’s a fun quiz for you with a PRIZE I made to grab– if you win!! If you have time….would appreciate your visit. Have a great day.

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