Finally Free

I’m really enjoying the whole having a “real” weekend thing. Except for the part where I’m at work Friday night when most people are relaxing on Friday night as part of their weekend. Those months when I was off Friday & Saturday nights were so wasted, I wish I was still on that schedule, although it’s fun to be home on Sunday night with the kids & it’s useful in that it means I’m there to make sure they’re really all ready for school on Monday morning (trusting that to ms 19 has been rather frustrating I have to admit)

That said, it’s been enjoyable at work this week, not too terribly busy, (well,except for last night, but I just don’t want to revisit that horrible evening anytime in the near future so I’ll conveniently forget about it)

It has been a long day as ms 19 had to go to C’burg to a clinic to apply for birth control on a sliding scale, I had to take her as part of my current plan to not be a grandmother before age 50, Chrissie went along for the ride.  We left at 9 this morning, which required my getting out of bed at 8:45, I had not fallen asleep until after 3 last night so it was rough to say the least.

While 19 was at the clinic Chrissie & I walked around Lowes pricing the stuff I need to replace my bathroom floor & numerous other worn out things in the bathroom & around the rest of my house, I was planning to go to Home Depot to price the same items there but ms 19 finished sooner than planned, we ran a few other errands around C’burg & came home in time for me to take a 2 hour nap which helped but I was still falling asleep at my desk at work by 10:30 tonight.

I got a diet coke & drank it during my last break & I did ok all the rest of the evening, including the drive home & now I’m starting to feel sleepy again, but as I almost never seem to just write ‘normal’ blog entrys any longer I wanted to do so- especially since I won’t be home most of tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our general grocery shopping day, the one of two days a month we get to eat dinner out & the kids are especially looking forward to it.  Tomorrow is also the first home game of the Virginia Tech football season so we won’t be going to C’burg for this trip, it is so crowded, chaotic & crazy when there’s a game.

We’re going down to Roanoke, I’ve even bribed ms 19’s BF to take her to work & pick her up so I can sleep in & still go to Roanoke without worrying about getting her at 3 or anything (of course, part of the trade off is that I have to drive her both ways Sunday. It should be worth it though)

I’m especially excited to go to Roanoke because one of my favorite shops is saving me a bumpersticker for my car, I have one which says coexist with the letters shaped like all sorts of religious symbols, they’re saving me one which says tolerance in a similar way. I’ve seen quite a few of these but couldn’t find one to buy any where & this store said they had them on order & then called to let me know they’d hold one for me.

I’m hoping the trip to Roanoke is as much fun as going out with Chrissie & ms 19 was today, since it’s ms 13, mr 10 & I, it could go either way, we often get along very well, just the 3 of us but if ms 13 is in a bad mood or mr 10 is still not feeling well it could be rather unpleasant. Only time will tell.


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