Thirteen on My Mind

1. Mr 10 stayed home the other day due to a sore throat he’s been nursing since the holiday weekend, he’s got cough & sniffles too, I just hope it’s only a cold, not some flu already.

2. The car’s check engine light popped on late last week, every other time it has come on like that it’s gone off on it’s own a few days later, this time it’s not doing so.

3. Time to pluck/wax/depilate my eyebrows, nobody likes a unibrow!

4. Ms 19’s work schedule has changed since the increase in minimum wage, now they have her in there for only 6 hours a day but she’s working 4 days, getting 1 off & then back in for 4 more days (it used to be 3 – 8 hour days a week).

5. All this extra driving of ms 19 to work & back is killing my gas, my car & my sleep. I get home @ 2:15AM, I’m in bed & hopefully on my way to sleep by 2:30, then I get up at 10 past 7 to be sure the younger kids are ready to go to school & get on the bus ok. Then I’m up at 7:55 to take ms 19 to work, back home & in bed by 8:45 & it always takes a half hour or so to fall back to sleep, then I’m no good for anything until at least 11, sometimes 12!

6. My boss is gone, we have a new one, my first favorite thing about her is she’s got at least nearly as much seniority at the company as I do. At this point, with my company’s high turn over rate, that’s saying something.

7. We’re also, supposedly not going to have to change shifts, it will be optional. That’s still a rumor though & I try not to put too much trust in rumors. Especially at work.

8. Ms 13 is definitely becomming her sister all over again, hormonal rages, crying jags & her own special brand of know it all sarcasm. If I survive 3 children through childhood without ripping every hair out of my head, I’ll know for sure that there must be a higher purpose to life!

9. With the changes I’m planning on making thanks to the loan against my 401k at work, I have to replace the bathroom floor, I’m still musing over whether to replace the sink or not, it’s got a big broken place where ms 19 allegedly tried to split a bath fizzy in half & broke the sink instead of the fizzy. (this is what she tells me at least, after 2 years of consideration, I’m not so sure that she wasn’t just sitting on the sink) Anyway, the sink is in really poor shape, I’d love a pedestal sink but it’s a lot of extra money compared to the floor materials (my bathroom is not more than 5 feet by 6 feet if you don’t count the tub, which we’re not, so it’s not going to be a lot of flooring materials).

10. The hair is getting out of control, both in grays & length, I’ve trimmed it a few times recently (I don’t trust anyone locally to cut my hair since I got scalped the last 3 times I had my hair cut professionally) and even cut in some long layers, it’s to my waist at the longest part now & while it’s kind of cool, in that I have never been able to grow it that long before, it’s a lot to take care of, wash, dry & get out of my face.

11. Then there’s the grandmother factor, she was always horrified when women (including my mother) over 30 had hair longer than shoulder length, she was of the opinion that over 30 you should have short, serviceable hair. So I “hear” her in the back of my mind about my hair all the time. Both about the length & keeping it pulled back off my face, to leave it down around my face is like a cardinal sin to me due to her opinions!

12. Then there’s that pesky gray. It’s spaced out a bit, but it is there & because I am mostly talking on the phone at work, I can sit there & look in a hand mirror & look & look, until I’m all but plucking myself bald, pulling out all the grays. I can’t decide if I should highlight to try to hide them, or go a darker red to cover them.

13. I’m hoping it’s going to warm up again soon, we’ve been cool & rainy here in SW Virginia this week & I’d personally, like to see it get up into the high 70’s again at least, I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer quite yet!


11 thoughts on “Thirteen on My Mind

  1. Good luck with the child rearing; it doesn’t sound fun!

    I cut my hair short several years ago and prefer it that way. I have a lot of gray but thankfully it kind of looks like highlights.

  2. Just remember, the grandmother on the Walton has super long hair. She just wore it in a bun. I’m under the opinion that if your hair is healthy and is taken care of (which yours is, and its beautiful!) you can have it as long as you want at any age

  3. First, I laughed that after 2 years of considering you figured out that she was probably just sitting on the sink.

    Second, my grandmother had beautiful long hair past her waist her entire life. She did wear it up in a bun most of the time, but when she let it all down it was so feminine and playful – lit up her face with all its lovely wrinkles and the wiry grays interspersed looked right at home.

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