I Was Just Thinking….

How long it’s been since I even looked at my blog, let alone posted. (sorry, it’s been a little crazy at my house)

How odd it is that when one thing is a problem  or improves, a whole bunch of other things do the same too.

Is the rumor true that my boss is no longer employed at our company. He disappeared sometime Thursday evening (I didn’t even notice until 1:30 when I wanted to be sure I was logged out of my computer)  & didn’t show up Friday & I’ve been hearing rumors.Mz Val

How can we be more than a week into the school season & mr 10 hasn’t had any homework yet (he says he’s going to have a spelling list next week & that the teachers didn’t want to ‘burden’ them too much the very first week)

About the marathon rummy game the kids + ms 19’s bf & I played last weekend & wondering if I can convince any of them to play again this evening (maybe not until midnight again though)

That it might be more fun to just settle in the living room, catch up on the tv shows on the DVR & embroider some more tonight instead. I’ve almost finished a project I am embarrassed to admit I started in 1998 as a housewarming gift for a co-worker, we’ve worked together at another job & still see each other in town occasionally,  she’s divorced, moved & moved again since then & I’ve made this piece into a hanging for my kitchen instead of hers.

Why I’m suffering so much writer’s block just lately, some of it is Chrissie & her daughter living with us, it’s chaotic, seldom quiet & also, a lot of what I might write could be intrusive to their lives so I am sort of keeping mum.

How difficult it was to find 13 meals for 5 people for $100. (especially when you include breakfasts for everyone & something for me to eat every few days before I go to work – to minimize my consumption of junk from the snack machines at work) that was my whole food budget for the next 2 weeks (although I may have child support in September- if we get it at all it will likely show up the day before I receive my next paycheck- this does some good, but it would be much better received a week from yesterday!)CamclimbIV

About how to spend the money…I’ve just finished paying off a loan I took against my 401k this week & as I’m more than a little hard up with no overtime at work I’m going to take another loan right away so when the deductions start back up automatically I won’t notice it so much.

With this new loan I’m going to: get myself back on track with my bills (I’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paul for way too long) get our bathroom floor redone (A hole has opened up right in front of the toilet, which, while it doesn’t go all the way down through the base floor is very deep – we haven’t had any linoleum in the center of the bathroom floor for at least 18 months either- which explains why the floor is falling apart) pay off one major bill which, while it was neccessary at the time I accrued it, is a huge, major inconvenient drain on my finances now & put away money for Christmas.


3 thoughts on “I Was Just Thinking….

  1. Yeah, this new breed of teachers, they’re all about how the kids feel in a positive way, not what I expect from teachers at all either!
    Thanks Chrissie! No slander here.

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