I Wonder….

Why I have to log in to my email after ms 13 has been logged in & then I get my homepage, but when I click to go to my in box I always end up with ms 13’s inbox & have to log in a second time?

Why dogs can be just as stubborn as people.

Why music sounds so much better to me through headphones, even though I know I should take it easy on them & use the computer speakers & music player & even though it’s past 2am, everyone’s asleep & I won’t bother anyone if I do play the computer’s speakers, the same songs sound so good through my phone’s mp3 player & the headphones that I use them instead.

Just how many games of spider solitaire I can play before I get sick of it, same goes for Lifetime Network’s 3d Majongg games, I play them during the time in between calls at work late at night (we go 15-20 minutes in between calls from 1230 to 130 most nights) I can’t play at home very well because it’s supposed to be fast-paced & my internet connection is too slow.

How long it will be before the next Southern Vampires book by Charlaine Harris is released, I’ve really enjoyed this series, (I’m reading book 9 now) It’s not deep, but it’s very amusing & easy to pick up & put down (especially important as I read between calls when I’m not playing majongg.

Why when it’s summer & I should be taking the kids swimming, hanging out on the porch enjoying the breeze or a thunder & lightning show, weeding the garden, etc. I want to watch movies I haven’t seen in years & when it’s winter & the perfect time to dig out the DVDs, I’m yearning for summer & all those pursuits I wasn’t into when it was actually warm out.

How I can possibly thank 2 of my co-workers. At work we have a school supplies drive every year & I told my boss privately that I couldn’t contribute because I was struggling to get my own kids’ supply lists filled let alone contributing to anyone else’s.  He assured me it was quite alright & that was the end of it.

Thursday night, one of the two women involved asked to see my kids’ lists, we’d discussed it earlier in the week when I was making a master list, combining the two kids lists into one so I could be sure I got enough of everything so she knew I had the lists in my purse.

She wasn’t too subtle & I asked her why she’d want to see it & she just winked & said not to worry about it. All I said was please don’t embarrass me, so they didn’t give me the things they bought during our opening meeting or anything, but after work they made me come over to one of their cars & take all these bags of paper, notebooks, loose leaf paper & binders, enough to cover the whole school supplies lists for both kids!!!

As it turns out it’s really a good thing they did that, we’ve discovered we have a bees nest in the garage, the tub caulk is falling apart as I type, I’ve run out of shampoo & the new toilet seat I bought 2 weeks ago is broken already (frustrating since my last toilet seat purchase was half the price I paid for this one & the cheaper one lasted over a year- quite a feat in this house with my violent kids)


2 thoughts on “I Wonder….

  1. That was so nice of your co-workers. I had friends that have done that in the past. Its nice to know people care when they know you are struggling.

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