July Review, A week late…

I’m still on vacation time- or at least that’s my excuse just now. It’s been hot here & I’ve been focused on keeping cool & work (also keeping cool at work, it’s a rough job if you don’t like verbal abuse, constant criticism & calming angry people- none of these I like, but it is the best paying, non specialized {as in, college degree required} Job in the local area) This switch over the past 5 months to nights instead of days has helped my family life (less fights with Ms 19, more day time time with the younger ones while school’s been out) & my waistline. But not my blogging, my housekeeping or my sanity at all!

1. Photo of Me: I thought at first (hoped might be a betteVacation pics 09 022r word for it) that I didn’t have a photo of myself for July, but I had forgotten about the dinner in Boston with Chrissie & her daughter, so I did have a picture of myself.

2. Current Candle Scents: This month I Actually had some, we bought some lovely car scenters & votive candles at Quincy market. My favorites were the lilac & the lemon/lavender mix. After we were home, Chrissie & I spent a Saturday evening on the front porch chatting & enjoying the candle light & their scents.

3. What I am Currently Reading: This was supposed to be the The Abyssinian Proof by Jennie White, but I put it aside upon the loan of the ninth Southern Vampires book from my current desk mate. I’ll go back to the other book as soon as I’m caught up with Sookie’s adventures.

4. Newest Music Added to my Playlists: Well, I’m trying to get Cabo’s Champagne, but it’s hard to come by (or at least the unedited version is- I hate censorship!) As for songs added, they weren’t really all that new. I went through a short phase during the reading of one of the Vampire books where I had to hear Quinn the Eskimo which brought on a large load of trippy 60’s music, think Donovan & the Guess Who.

5. Movies I saw: Ann & I watched a scary movie which was pretty much a Ring rip- off. There were a few good jumps in it though.

6. Something yummy I made this month: That would have to be Mr 10’s birthday cake, I’d only made it once or twice before, it takes a huge chocolate bar (or a few small ones) but it is soooo worth it!

7. The Last Place I Ate Out: In July that would have been The 99 in MA. It was pretty good, 99 is mr 10’s favorite restaurant & I admit, I share his wish that they would expand past New England, once a year is not enough.

8. Something which made me Cry: Nothing really. I was not unhappy to go home after the trip to MA. Which I know some people would differ on. For me I was never really home until I got here to VA, my whole life before here I felt out of place, out of step & wrong. Here I’m more in step, it’s laid back, relaxing & beautiful.

9. Something which made me Laugh: The vacation was a laugh a minute, we really did have a great time & even when the weather wasn’t so great, we found it was better to laugh than to cry & still enjoyed each other’s company & the company of the family & friends we got to see (next year, I’m going to save more money for the trip & save up more paid days off so we can stay a little longer- we’ve got big plans for next year’s trip already!)

10. Something that I looked forward to this month: July is a huge month for us, the fourth holiday, mr 10’s birthday & then the vacation were all awaited with deep anticipation by everyone involved.

11. Something I am thankful for: That I have family & friends who can put us up (And put up with us) when we visit up in MA, if I had to rely on motel rooms, well really we wouldn’t even go on vacation!

12. Something I want to remember about this month: How awesome it is to re-connect with my favorite cousin J. Every year we do it & then swear we’ll keep in touch better but we never do, with kids, jobs & just life in general, it’s no one’s fault, but next year, we’ve got a plan in the works for us to spend more than an afternoon with each other & our families!

Vacation pics 09 030Vacation pics 09 031

13.  A Picture I took this month: Actually this is a set of pictures, I apologize for the non-adherence to the rules, but anyway, this is what the ocean looked like on the last day of our vacation, it was about 62 & the kids thought they were going swimming in this- it happened to be high tide in Hull & we got out of the car & looked at the waves coming up to the wall to meet us, one crashed over the wall & nearly soaked us & mr 10 said “nevermind” & ran back to the car. Ms 13 still thought she was going swimming, once I got her back in the car I took pictures of their different reactions to the wild ocean.

Vacation pics 09 032Vacation pics 09 033

Mr 10 rather traumatized by the violence of the ocean & Ms 13 sulking because she wanted to be out in that wild surf!


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