The Weekend Went Swimmingly.

River8-9 012Saturday we went to a beautiful location to swim, we’ve been before, but not for at least 2 years. It’s a drive from the house (34 miles one way) But still in or nearly in the county. There is a lovely place to ride down a waterfall & a deep pool below the fall. Mr 10 barely remembered being there the one time he’d been before, ms 13 remembered being there a few times before that (we used to live on that side of the county, back before mr 10 was born & right after he was born.

You can see the fall between Ms 13’s & Mr 10’s shoulderRiver8-9 009s & then beside Chrissie, Kevin & the dog in this next picture. Ms 19 came too although Sami was at a friends house & so was Ms 19’s BF.  We went on the cheap with PB&J sandwiches, a bag of chips & some sodas. Everyone got well & truly tired out (including the dog) & came home sunburnt & happy.

River8-9 017Ms 19 was looking lovely in a very green bathing suit which was supposed to be mine but fit her better (I would not be comfortable with that much cleavage showing either- it must be so nice to be young)

River8-9 020

Then today, we went to the valley to a deep swimming hole, I don’t actually go down into this one because it’s too steep, but Ms 19, the BF, Sami, 13 & 10 all enjoyed themselves greatly, until some horesflies bit them, then 19, BF & Sami went home & 13 & 10 came down to the shallower area where Chrissie & I had been sitting in the water & keeping cool (it was nearly 90 here today) chatting & relaxing. No beter way to spend a day in the summer that’s for sure. We’re planning to go back to the place we were Saturday with everyone on next Sunday, trying to cram all the summer we can in before school starts on the twentieth. CamclimbIV



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