Year of the Snake

I know it’s not (mr 10 is very into Chinese astrology & would be very upset by my stating that)

This year however, needs to move on through the snake thing & go on to something else- I admit Raccoons & skunks have been heavily represented in my life this year too & I’d just as soon not see any more of those either.

Earlier in the year we discovered a large brown snake was living in the bench with an open & shut seat for storage. Then, Tuesday, we went to the river.

SwimTS8-9Everything was lovely to start, it was hot & sunny, we had 3 hours of time to spend, Ms 19, ms 13, Chrissie’s daughter Sami, Mr 10 & I  jumped into the water in near record time, we found a snapping turtle just after entering the water, he was only about the size of my palm in size, about 2 & 1/2 to 3 inches across & Mr 10 moved him up onto the shore where he burrowed back into the mud & left us alone. The younger girls jumped off the rocks, I worked with mr 10 on his learning to swim thing (he’s very motivated this year, but he’s so skinny he doesn’t float very well) even ms 19 got up on the rocks for a group jump into the water with ms 13 & Sami (mr 10 has to become proficient in the water before I’ll let him try jumping at all- a lot of his motivation for learning to swim) SwimAll8-9

After an hour or so I was water logged & ready to go read my book (book 8 in the Southern Vampires series- I finished it tonight & am moving on to the treasure trove of books my mother has given me from her already read piles) I text-ed with Chrissie who had stayed home to put out job applications & read, the kids came up & ate their random sandwiches, drank their sodas, we shared pretzel & nacho cheese combos & the kids went back in the water.

My first clue that something was wrong came when I heard Sami say “Was that…?” Then mr 10 shrieked: “It’s a snake, run” I looked up to see the 4 kids all grouped together & running through the water en masse to the shore, they came up the path shrieking, fussing & screaming, pointing back toward the water where I couldn’t see anything at first. Ms 19 professed to having seen it first but telling herself it was a stick. Sami was adamant that she saw it first.

SnakeswimAfter a few minutes when the water had calmed down the kids pointed it out to me swimming around in the water in the general area where the kids had been before freaking out, it was about 2 feet long & not particularly thick. As we watched it went over to the rocks & swam back & forth in front of them along the edge of the water in an apparent victory lap as if to say “Ha! These are my rocks & you people need to go on with your lives & not bother me any longer” It was about 20 minutes before I had planned to leave & for once I had no argument from anyone about leaving early.

This is a fairly popular swimming & fishing spot, I’m sure the snake doesn’t bother the fishermen but I wonder how others who swim there will enjoy this snake’s company!

Post note: You may or may not be able to see the snake in the last picture, I know it was in the picture when I took the picture, but since all my pictures come out of a cell phone, I’m really not surprised it’s nearly impossible to locate the snake in the picture!


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