Vacation Pictures (And a few words)

We do a lot of the same things every year so you could go back & read the vacation files & get a very good idea of what we did this year. Some changes were going to Boston on the ferry, not quite as much emphasis on the beach (more because it rained so much than by design) & no museum or historical landmark trips this year (just couldn’t afford to do Salem MA this year, hopefully next year!)

Vacation pics 09 003Ms 13 was enamoured of how she looked in the side view mirror while we were driving through VA on the interstate on the way to MA so she took a picture.

Vacation pics 09 002

Our trip Sunday was to Newburyport to the Jabberwocky bookstore, Eureka Toys next door & a quick run around downtown Newburyport’s shopping area, looking for a store I loved in 1995 which is no longer there. We had a lunch/dinner at Skips & then went to Salisbury beach for the kid’s first swim. This was really the only warm, sunny swim they got for the whole trip!

Vacation pics 09 008 Ms 13  at Salisbury beach displaying her true personality, as in: “There was a little girl, with a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead, when she was good, she was very, very good & when she was bad she was horrid” That is her to a T!

Vacation pics 09 011

Mr 10 buried his sister first & then she buried him, for some obscure reason he decided to be buried face down very weird, when she was through he looked like a turtle.

Vacation pics 09 014

After a few days with Ann, in which I somehow took no pictures at all, we met up with cousin J & went to lunch at Papa Ginos, then to Winnekenni castle so they could play on the playground for awhile, then for ice cream at the best homemade ice cream place in Haverhill (well, Bradford really) Carter’s!

Vacation pics 09 045

Ice Cream was a very popular choice with all the kids as you can see here!

More another day, it’s getting late here & I’m ready to end the computer use for the night.


2 thoughts on “Vacation Pictures (And a few words)

  1. The only pictures you could have taken while with me would have been of rainclouds. That one day at the beach was such a yucky day outside

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