Looking Forward…

To vacation. Just a couple weeks ago, at the fourth of July, I found myself wishing the days between then & 7/17 (when we leave on vacation) away. I reminded myself that when we come back on the 26th, there will be just 5 days left in July & then only 20 days until school starts again for my younger kids & that I don’t want to wish the whole summer away, especially since it has not been too terribly hot yet (I understand Thursday & Friday will make up for that somewhat) I’m trying not to wish it away, but the 2 days left to work are making me crazy, we’re still slow at work & since we’re still on mandatory overtime (even though we’re slow) I worked from 3 to 130 tonight & will do the same tomorrow- that makes the day drag on & on when it’s slow. I admit, I’ve ripped through 4 & 1/2 of the Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris in the past 3 or 4 weeks (I have a feeling I’ll be through with #5 tomorrow night- Thursday at the latest. I also read another book from another Vampire series (I had to wait to read #3 & read Vampire Interrupted by Lynsay Sands & was also reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman before I started all this Vampire stuff!).

I’m not at all sorry to be leaving, I only wish it was for a longer vacation, so much for 14 days, I’m doing well to get the 10 I have. One good thing about this setup is that I have 4 more days for the rest of the year, of course, once you get to November, the days available close up tight & then you end up having to roll paid days off over to the next year (worse yet is the need to save a day or two for Christmas time, then get turned down when you request the day or days off meaning you absolutely have to roll the days over to next year {if they let you- which my company doesn’t always do}) The kdis are very excited about going on vacation & every day come to me with more & more plans, ideas & packing innovations. (Mr 10 is determined to get his & his sister’s boogie boards up to MA even though I don’t think there will be room for them in the car, he initially tried to stow them beneath the front seats but they’re too wide to fit, now he’s trying to convince me that they won’t be in the way if he just lays them in the trunk before we put the clothing bag, the air mattress  & our individual bags of toiletries & entertainments. They probably won’t make that much difference & I am sure we’re going to end up taking them with us I am a pushover for the most part when it comes to things like this.


2 thoughts on “Looking Forward…

  1. This reminds me of my family vacations as a kid…it’s like of like reading what my Mom would’ve wrote, had she been into that sort of thing!

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