Thirteen Things About Mr 9, about to be 10.

Sometimes the symmetry of my life astonishes me, how odd is it that my 2 younger children were born 3 years, 1 month & 3 days apart & that their birthdays also fall nearest to the paychecks which I get an extra day of pay for holidays (Memorial day for ms 13 & 4th of July for mr 10) to cover their birthdays? Here are 13 about Mr almost 10- he’ll be 10 on July 14th.

1.  He’s the most cheerful person I know.  Cambaby2070

2.  Even at almost 10 he’s always hungry.

3.  Although he can put the food away, he’s very picky & would live on hot dogs, green beans & pizza if I would let him.

4.  He loves to swim, river, ocean, pond or pool, he doesn’t care, just get him in the water.

5.  He alternates throughout the day between passive TV watching & running around outside to check the garden, feed & torment the cats & work on digging the holes he’s made in the yard behind the shed.

CamBalloon6.  Not a day goes by that he doesn’t push me to get him candy. He is terribly candy obsessed.

7. Luckily he inherited his dad’s genetics & is skinny as a rail even with all the TV watching & candy eating attempts.

8.  He wants to run a bakery/resturant when he grows up & is full of plans for which of my recepies he’s going to use.

9.  If you like bread & desserts, you’ll like his resturant I think.

10. True to his baker/chef plan he loves to help me cook in the kitchen, although he often disappears when it’s time for clean up. (not too surprising there)Haircut needed

11.  As the “man” of the house, he takes care of the mess when the cats bring us “gifts” I would not want to be the person who someday, for some reason, excavates the ditch across the road from our house, as that is the mouse/bird/mole burial/dumping ground.

12.   He reminds me of my brother a lot, but not so much that it hurts.

13.  Finally at nearly 10 he can clean his room on his own & get it looking pretty good (as long as you don’t look under the bed!)



11 thoughts on “Thirteen Things About Mr 9, about to be 10.

  1. He looks so sweet when younger….and becoming a very handsome fellow at 10. I too could live off pizza…but my heart valves say no.

    My 13 is posted. Come join me if you can.

  2. It’s so nice to learn more about Mr. 9 1/2. He sounds like a very lovable kid.

    I answered your comment on 95 on Loose leaf. My hand is hurting today so I don’t want to retype it now.

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