July Begins

It’s going to be a busy month, I hope to (maybe) have a little more time to visit on here. Then again, I may not. I’m still a lot more interested in sleeping & hanging out with the kids than in any computer usage at all just lately (you can ask Chrissie, who has emailed me a lot just lately, not disuaded by my lack of response- it’s not personal, I’m just not online very much these days).

After work Friday night I had to go to Walmart, which is my least favorite thing to do (but one I do more often than I’d like, due to their cheap prices) I had forgotten to even look for shish kebab skewers at either of the local grocery stores on our sojurns to them on Thursday & Friday- one each day- after picking up ms 19 from work- and before her- mr 9 & ms 13 from school at 1230 (boy, am I glad that’s over with- it was 2 weeks of summer school & it seemed more like 2 months!)

I found wooden skewers pretty quickly (I spent twice as much time looking for metal ones than it took me to find the wooden ones- they didn’t have any metal ones at all) I decided to just do the grocery shopping while I was there rather than take the kids to C’Burg on Sunday.  It was remarkably quiet, calm & relaxed, I used the calculator on my phone (we’re on a very strict budget this week, very strict) there was no yammering about ice cream, cookies or cake & no fussing about this one didn’t like this & the other one doesn’t like that.

I can’t say I’ll never take the kids grocery shopping again, but it was a nice change of pace, the other drawback is midnight to some ridiculously early hour is when walmart stocks the shelves so the asiles are crowded with boxes & surly unpackers who are expected to work at a pace of a box in 45 seconds, I realize by shopping at that hour I’m in their way & so I try not to go there & get in their way any more than I have to & every other Friday night would be too much in my opinion so I’m sure after vacation the kids & I will be wandering around Walmart on the Saturday after I get paid for at least the next few weeks (they’re saying we’re going to have shift changes in late August- I don’t think they’ll be mandatory & I’m also not sure whether I’ll stand pat or go back to days since summer will be over & the kids back in school)

The fourth dawned with typical noise, Ms 19’s BF starting up his loud truck to go visit a friend after taking ms 19 to work @ 5:30 am & coming back to our house to nap for a few hours, as soon as he was gone mr 9 showed up in my room to visit & we had a nice conversation, he let me nap for a few more hours a little later & then ms 13 came down to visit & woke me up again, we were all lounging around my bed when I heard what I think may be a squirrel in the ceiling so I asked mr 9 to go grab a cat outside & put it in the ceiling up in ms 13’s room.

He did so, but then came down with a cat, we asked why he had the cat & he explained that this was the other cat (they look very much alike) & that it came out of the ceiling when he put the first one in the ceiling, so apparently we weren’t hearing a squirrel or a mouse, but the cat. He sent that cat outside & sat back down on the bed, there’s a third hole in my ceiling from other cats (most notably 19’s past BF’s cat) which is right above the left side of my bed, we could hear the cat which was still up there walking around & mr 9 pointed at the hole & said in a whisper “shh- I see fur” I looked up with him & suddenly, there was the cat’s face in the hole, looking down at us, just like Jack Nicholson, in the movie of the Shining, the cat was staring down at us like: “here’s kitty” & we all screamed. Maybe you had to be there (ms 19 didn’t find this story amusing at all but her BF did).

We got up, fooled around with breakfast for me, lunch for them, mr 9 went out to pile tree branches & sticks from around the yard into the wood pile we’ve been accumulating for over 2 years, (last year no one was into burning brush on the fourth so we didn’t do it) we hung around, I read a little, ms 13 watched some tv & mr 9 joined her, then we had to go pick up ms 19, her BF didn’t have the gas to go get her himself so he rode with us since he was back from his friends house.

Cam the CookWe came back home & the kids & I set up all the shish kebab skewers with meat, veggies etc. I tried to get ms 19 to come make the rice pilaf as that’s her favorite part (& she sprung for the better, more expensive, Near East brand over the Rice a Roni brand which I’ve found is not too bad- 2 boxes even) She declined & she & the BF hung out upstairs until after the kids & I had the grill going & the rice a boiling away, mr 9 surprised me & took over the grilling, he did great, I was a little worried but he placed everything very carefully & was able to turn the skewers without burning himself he takes after his dad I guess, very talented in the grilling out department, it’s almost too bad I have such a terrible grille!Dinneronthe porch

Ms 19 & the BF set the table on the front porch & we all ate together out there, it was lovely & cool out there, the cats were a bit of a nusicannce but eventually, when the food was gone, they provided some entertainment,  we had watermelon for desert, cleaned up the dishes together & Then mr 9 & the BF got the fire going, we sat out by the fire for 3 hours or more telling ghost stories & chatting, it was great, when it got full dark we lit up the few sparklers I had been able to buy (things were a little tight entertainments-wise)Firemarshal Cam

Then we doused the remains of the fire as it started to sprinkle rain in earnest, cleaned up & settled in the house, ms 19 & the BF went off on their own & I, as promised due to the ghost stories read mr 9 & ms 13 5 or 6 short stories from a book which I loved when I was 9’s age, when I owned this cheap plup paperback it had a skull with rolling eyes on the cover & was called “tales to make your blood run cold” when ms 19 got it (about 6 years ago from scholastic books at school) it was called “Tales For the Midnight Hour” I had tried just recently to interest mr 9 in reading a few stories in it but he wasn’t buying, the stories I read last night generated some interest though & he went to bed a little early tonight to read a couple of them to himself. (Victory!)

Today was rainy all day (woe to the laundry on the line which we forgot about last night) the day was very quiet & low key, I watched a few movies with the kids, picked up ms 19 again from work & cut ms 13’s hair, she’s happy, I have my doubts about this new haircut- originally she wanted it to the bottoms of her ears & I refused, we compromised at her chin but it still looks very short to me, with the curl her hair has developed in the past few years, she looks like a 1920’s flapper with a bob & a marcel wave! I suppose if it makes her happy it’s ok though.



Before                                                                                                  After


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