June Review

1.  Photo of Me: This is one of those pictures which show why
I don’t like to have pictures taken of TheWholecrowd
me, we were at the river on one of
the lovely days in June, Chrissie
& I didn’t swim, but all the kids did
& a lovely time was had by all however, the picture Chrissie snapped caught me with a weird look on my face due to some joke Mr 9 had just made!

2.  Current Candle Scents:  I had my rose-scented candle lit the other night, otherwise we are usually using incense to off set the scent of the cats – who have been kicked outside for the duration, both due to their inability to understand the use of a litter box & the experience we had last summer around this time with fleas to an extent you couldn’t even sit on the couch without keeping your feet up on the couch because the fleas in the rug were so plentiful you would be bitten to death.

3.  What I am Currently Reading: I spent the majority of June reading the first 2 books in the series by  Charlaine Harris which are the inspiration for True Blood on HBO. Dead Until Dark & Dead in Dallas were both pretty quick, fun reads & both ms 19 & I are impatiently waiting for the co-worker who loaned them to me to get the third book back from another co-worker who has borrowed it-(we may just go buy book 3 on Sunday)

4.   Newest Music Added to my Playlists: Careless Whisper remade by Seether (hated the original, take some amusement & pleasure from this remake- they say you should never remake a song unless you can add something to it & Seether certainly did!) & Too Bad by Nickelback (I didn’t know it was by them when I started liking this song- which was a long time ago- it was when we still lived in the trailer)

5. Movies I Saw:   I’ve been doing well to keep up with the tv shows I watch, let alone any movies.

6.  Something Yummy I Made This Month:    Very little cooking, the chicken with broccoli, cheese & rice was pretty good, best thing I’ve been eating is Fudgicles with no added sugar, at 40 calories each they’re perfect to eat while I wind down before going to sleep after work, or before I leave for work, when I want something sweet.

7.  The Last Place I Ate Out:  We had Pizza Hut 2 weeks ago Saturday, not haute cuisine, but not bad either especially since we had stuffed crust pizza!

8. Something That Made Me Cry:   Nothing really, I’m pretty at peace with the being on the phones at work even.

9.  Something That Made Me Laugh:  Warm weather, the kids playing around, mr 9 finding tons of raspberries I didn’t even know about in our yard (of course, we’ll still be going up the mountain on this Sunday to pick more in our big place for them)

10.  Something I Looked Forward to This Month:   Ms 13’s birthday.

11.  Something I Am Thankful For:   That the ex didn’t end up being able to fly the kids to OR where he lives now.

12.  Something I Want to Remember About this Month:  It’s always a good idea to imagine the very worst which can happen & then imagine yourself dealing with it/living through it. You can get through anything in this way.

13.. A Photo I Took This Month:
BirthdayValMs 13 on her birthday, the new computer doesn’t have a picture editing setup yet so I apologize for how orange this cell phone photo is.


8 thoughts on “June Review

  1. Fleas, yikes. We dealt with them last year too, Horrible little critters. If anyone mentions flea’s now, hubby goes out of his mind!!

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