Thirteen Random Things I’m Thinking About Tonight

Working nights means I’m home so late that it’s really Thursday when I get ready to sit down & do this, in my more “together” weeks, I get it ready Wednesday before work, but the past few weeks have been chaotic- see last week when I posted my thirteen at 2:30AM on Friday morning!

1. The ex called just after I started work this evening (he doesn’t currently know my schedule) he just left a message for me to call him- which freaks me out every time, it turns out when I finally got him on the phone 5 hours later that he says VA is taking him back to court to try to get more child support for my kids (& they didn’t even let me know!)

2.  I’m really not at all surprised about that, everyone, every company & apparently every state run agency seems to be pawing through things looking for places to get money, people to hound for more money & ways to bring in more in general.

3.  They keep advertising these get rich quick schemes on the radio, I’m inclined to check out one of the websites, just to see what it’s all about, I’d probably still have better luck in winning the lottery though.

4. Ms 13 & mr 9 are in summer school for the next 2 weeks (began Monday & ends 7/3) This was one of the reasons I wanted to go on nights, but it’s proving more difficult than I expected, currently a normal day for me is get home at 215am, go to bed asap, get up at 810, get the kids ready & take them to school (the school is only 3 minutes away, one saving grace) come back home & fall back into bed until 11 or so, go get the kids at 1230 & come back home until I have to go to work.

5. Tomorrow & Friday (along with Monday & Tuesday) ms 19 is also working, so you can add get up at 530, drive her 12 miles to work, come back home & go back to bed until 810 & then go back to school at 1230 & then back out again at 210 in order to be at her work at 230 to pick her up & take her home again.

6. Luckily this is only for 2 weeks, I’ll have earned my vacation when we leave on 7/17.

7.  Tonight, while I was at work an hour early doing overtime, they announced that we’re back on mandatory overtime, to the tune of 4 random hours a week (this is preferable as last time we were on mandatory overtime, we were assigned 5 hours on one of our 2 days off)

8. I would much rather tack an hour or two of overtime onto an 8 hour day than ruin one of my paltry 2 days off by going to work for 4 or 5 hours.

9.  I’m still knocking the calls out at work, I’m taking 200+ calls a week & my call length is 2 minutes below the maximum they want me at (also 2 or 3 minutes below the others in my group) Often people fuss about quick calls equals poor customer service, but the customer satisfaction polls that have been done for my service have been pretty good if I do say so myself.

10.  The additional overtime required means that I’ll be able to be a little free-er with my money on vacation in July- which is a very good thing.

11.  Ms 19 is staying home when we go on vacation, says she can’t afford to miss 3 days of work, her BF is probably going to come stay with her too. I’m just hoping they’ll have enough to eat.

12.  Somehow they thought I was supposed to have a paid day off today at work, not a good thing at all & I still can’t determine how that was ever set up or requested, there was no reason for me to be out today.

13.  I’m slightly excited, but mostly apprehensive about taking Chrissie & her daughter to Lynchburg VA on Sunday morning to catch a train to Massachusetts. Excited because I like to go different places, apprehensive because Lynchburg is not really a fun place & because we have to be there at 6 in the morning, I’ll be staying up all night Saturday night & we’ll be leaving at 3 in the morning because I haven’t been to the train station there in about 16 years & I am worried about locating it.


5 thoughts on “Thirteen Random Things I’m Thinking About Tonight

  1. Sounds to me like a vacation is much needed!!!!!!

    My 13 is today in history. 133 years ago. Come on over and get bored….strike that….learn something….no, strike that….just come on over.

    Happy Thursday.

  2. You totally deserve that vacation coming up…with that call volume…hopefully you can go away and not have to look at, dial, or answer any phones. Enjoy!!

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