Thirteen Things About my (now) Thirteen Year Old

Today is my middle child’s 13th birthday so in honor of her here are 13 things about her.

1. She is very opinionated & has no trouble expressing her opinions to those she’s close to.

2.  She was born with a lazy eye & had surgery at 3 & 1/2 to help to correct it, she should wear glasses but manages to “lose” the glasses within 6 weeks of obtaining a new set (very bad because the state insurance we had up until this year only covered new glasses every 2 years)

3.  She likes to cook, especially deserts & is very enthusiastic about helping in the kitchen.

4.  She feels that doing the dishes 5 nights a week, keeping her room clean & helping to pick up around the rest of the house is way too much for her to do.

5.  In spite of her poor eyesight, she does like to read (a child after my own heart) she’s also not resistant to book suggestions which I make (unlike her older sister)

6.  She takes after both her dad & I in that she’s a music lover & will have music on 24/7 if she’s allowed to.

7.  There is little she’s not at least a little interested in (typical Gemini).

8.  To my dismay she’s very interested in pop culture & the lives of the stars, to the point of buying scandal sheet type magazines with her allowance (ok, yes, at nearly the same age, I bought Hit Parader, Creem & Circus to my parent’s dismay, but rock & roll in the ’80’s, in retrospect seems purer & less jaded than Britney & Lindsey flashing their crotches at the paparazi)

9.  Until she was 5 she wouldn’t watch tv because she couldn’t sit still for more than 5 minutes or so before losing interest in it & going off to play or do something else. She also didn’t sit still for me to read to her when she was young, for the same reasons.

10. Sadly since she turned 12 (& now, on day one of age 13) her hair has gone a little crazy, before it was wavy, now it’s frizzy, wants to curl but not enough to make her happy & is- in her words- poofy, many tears & man hours have been spent on straightening, conditioning & flattening her very wayward hair. Currently she tells me she is learning to “embrace the poof”

11. She’s a middle child but not as much of a peacemaker as most middle children are. She’ll often tell me in rage how much she hates her older & younger siblings, although if they’re being nice to her, she’s usually nice to them.

12.  She is starting to do quite well in school now that she’s getting older.

13.  She’s always happy to spend time with me, unlike her siblings who have lots of other interests & things to do, if I’m home ms 13 is almost always hanging out with me.Val 1998028

Val Contemplative060TooCool


9 thoughts on “Thirteen Things About my (now) Thirteen Year Old

  1. A 13 year old that loves to cook….you’re lucky! Just sit back and let her do her thing….you’ll be pampered with gourmet meals. Yummy.

    Hello….My 13 is about mockingbird facts, baby chick photos and crepe myrtle bushes in bloom. Stop by if you can!

  2. I remember when my daughter was 13 and thought that her entrance into teenage”hood” meant that she knew everything she would ever need to know. Now that she’s 27, she tells me that it scares her to realize that the older she gets, the smarter I get, LOL!

    Happy Thursday to you and happy birthday to your daughter. 🙂

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