Don’t Call Me!

Day one back on the phones at work was not, well, emotionally it was ok, however, if they were listening to me for quality purposes I’m going to be in trouble, my evening started off poorly as the day person who shares my desk was running late so I had to start at a desk other than my own, I had scripts taped to my computer monitor at my desk to remind me of what I’m supposed to say, but at this other desk- forget it!
They’ve changed the required opening & closing statements so many times in the past year that I had stopped keeping track, unless the new information specifically said that we had to use it on chat I didn’t pay attention at all. And of course, copying & pasting something into a chat box is very different from actually speaking it in a caring tone (another thing I suck at these days) to someone on the phone.
So my scripting was terrible, there’s also the fact that we take transfers & regular calls & it took me most of the evening to figure out which code came up on my computer as a call came in, for which type of call (something it seems my supervisor or someone in a supervisory position might have mentioned before I got on the phone last night- just sayin’)
Being out of sorts in general, even when I realized it was going to be a transfer call I flubbed the (different) greeting 75% of the time.
On the other hand, the evening flew by very quickly & the supervisor in training we have, who updates our stats was very impressed with how quick my calls were, of course, I’m  not all that thrilled because since going to this upper echelon the focus has been more about making the customer happy rather than getting them off the phone quickly. I like to think I do both, and I know in many cases I did so last night. However there were a few that went badly in general, I have forgotten, through not dealing with it on the phone for so long, the general public’s rage in not having television.
Needless to say, I won’t be answering my phone for a few days, I don’t want to talk to anyone, I’m doing enough of it at work.


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