Thirteen Shampoos I Have Used & Enjoyed

I was looking though my newest Vermont Country store Catalog today & was amused to see a shampoo I used to love on the pages, my father was the grocery shopper when I was a kid & he was very fussy about how much was spent on toiletries (I think I can say it- he was cheap) he liked this Lemon up shampoo because it was cheap, I wonder what he’d say if he saw the vintage price today! It started me thinking about shampoo, many of my friends think we’re crazy because there are always at least 5 or 6 shampoos in use in my bathroom.

1. Lemon Up. I especially liked the lemon on the top as the cap.

2. Prell. My father’s personal favorite, it worked for him. Not so much for me.

3. Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. No one ever said mine did when I used it, but since I was only 11 or 12, it’s probably for the best.

4. Suave. In many scents & formulas I have used this stuff, it’s really not bad (I’ve been to cosmetology school, I don’t buy that B.S. about salon shampoos being better for your hair- although they work hard to sell it to you while you’re in school too!)

5.  Long & Silky. My mother used this stuff, it was such a small bottle in contrast to the huge bottles of shampoo we use nowadays, I still love the shade of blue this bottle & the shampoo inside were.

6. Clairol Herbal Essences. Remember the old bottle with the green shampoo? I loved the way that stuff smelled back in the 70’s, I like the new ones too, ms 19 seems to have one type or another of these in the shower all the time- so I’ve tried them all.

7. Lori Davis. Ugh, remember those awful info-mercials with Cher? I wish I could get back the ridiculous sums I paid for this shampoo in the ’90’s.

8. John Freida. Another overpriced company, I still get the de-frizzing serum if I have money to burn.

9. Charles Worthington. This is one I stumbled on while in MA for vacation about 6 years ago, I can get it here now, I like it pretty well.

10. Samy. I tried this one because Ann had purchased some curling gel which she didn’t like & gave it to me. I liked it & buy it still from time to time when I can find it.

11.  Dove. I’ve picked up that anti-aging shampoo & looked at it in the stores, but decided against it because it’s supposed to be good for thinning, dry hair, so far my hair is neither of these.

12. Marc Anthony. I’ve tried every company’s product on the market for curling shampoo, gel, mousse, cream, spray & spritz, I really liked this one but it’s expensive & since walmart stopped carrying it- hard to find.

13. Pantene. the granddaddy of them all, the one I’ve used the most (probably) over the years, I remember my father freaking out that it was over $2. a bottle (now it’s over $4 most places) my hair has never looked like those ladies in the commercials, but after the ex left & I stopped trying to have stick straight long hair like he wanted me to & embraced the waves & the curls I was born with, I’ve never been unhappy with my hair. BeckHair2

Post note: I didn’t take this picture for this entry- I tried to sell my hair back last December for money for the kid’s Christmas & this picture is from then. I had plenty of lookers but no buyers & my hair is even longer now.


3 thoughts on “Thirteen Shampoos I Have Used & Enjoyed

  1. OMG, the first 3 totally brought me back to my childhood. I loved Lemon Up and am surprised it’s still available. My Mom used Prell and I hated the smell. Interesting list!

  2. That’s great. I would enjoy the lemon tops too. I’ve never heard of the Gee, your hair smells great. It’s an awful long title for a brand.

    Hope all is well, Shanna

  3. omg Lemon Up!!! I totally used to use that!!! My favorite shampoo now is one my hairdresser used on me once and I LOVED the scent so much I had to have some….at $50 a bottle, I don’t think I’ll be buying THAT again LOL!

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