Stress Fracture

This is the week it all comes down, I know I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I got myself in some trouble at work. This is my last week using the chat function, next Monday it’s back on the phones for me. I did say Monday, like the other phone people in my group I’ll have Saturday & Sunday off, which could be a nice schedule, except for the going in to work at 4pm. Of course, with Summer starting for my kids a week from Friday, it’s not really going to matter. I’ll see plenty of them & also, as an added bonus be around during the day to take them to summer school (the pleasure of their company has been requested in no uncertain terms for the 2 weeks they have it scheduled).

So I do get 3 days off this week at least, Since I have Friday off to complete this week’s schedule, then Saturday & Sunday on the new schedule, then Monday I have to get back on the phone – ugh. I have been compiling a list of things which are good about going back on the phone, the #1 thing is that no matter how busy it is at work, I will only have to talk to 1 person at a time. (On chat we are expected to handle up to 3 chats at a time- some people have volunteered to do 4 at a time in exchange for having lighter expectations in some areas, myself 3 was too many already so I wouldn’t agree to it.)

I’m trying to be positive about it, but my boss is killing me, he’s entirely too positive about it & is pushing me to embrace his ideas & attitudes too hard. I’m not some collge kid who’s passing through for 4 years at this job & has a malleable mind he can sway to his attitude & ideas. I’m 40, probably older than him, anti his whole millitary “do what you’re expected to or else” attitude & just generally subversive toward his whole way of thinking. I will do as well as I can, because I always do, but I will resent every second of it & will probably need to double my daily intake of St. Johnswort to keep from using unpleasant tone towards customers.

Anything’s better than being fired, that’s the way I have to look at it right now.


2 thoughts on “Stress Fracture

  1. I did phone support for many years, but year before last, I packed it in. I just couldn’t do it any longer. I feel for you so deeply. Going in to a job that I hated every damned day of the week really took it’s toll. It’s a year and a month since I went in, and I’m still battling the weight I put on during that time (65 pounds over three years!).

    The only thing that ever helped get me through was thinking of the job as a spiritual exercise. Every person I talked to was an opportunity to practice kindness and compassion. Sometimes, this tactic actually worked. 🙂

    Hang in there!

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