Busy Times, Buying Time.

In some trouble with work, I did something I shouldn’t have & for a couple of days, it looked as though they were going to fire me for it. It was a momentary mental lock up on my part, due to my own reticence toward a job requirement which is way out of my comfort zone & that I should have addressed with my new boss long ago (my old boss knew & shared my issue & so enabled me not to have to deal with the issue, I’m still grateful to her for that, although if I’d gotten over it anytime between July & March I might not be losing the chat option now.

So it’s back to the phones, it’s a measure of how much I hate the phones that by the time I was told I wasn’t getting fired I’d worked my way around to managing getting fired & was disappointed, amusing to think I’d rather be fired than talk on the phone. Amusing but then again, not all that amusing

Maybe it is time for a change, from the comfortable paycheck confines of my current world, maybe I should look around for other things to do, something which I actually like to do. Of course, I have yet to find anything marketable that I actually like to do!

I’ve been so flattened by the issues at work that I haven’t been to the garden at all. I intend to go today before work. I’m also saddened that I really liked this new boss & now he’s going to think of me as a poor worker & damaged due to this situation. Of course, just going back on the phones isn’t all, if I do poorly I’m out the door, if my quality scores are bad I’m out the door.

The turning point for me on the losing my job vs. staying on was when I realized I’d have my 401k  money to help me out while I looked for another job.  It’s better to keep it in the investments, I know, but as I said before, the future was starting to look a little brighter when I thought I was going to be booted out of my job.

In reality though, I’d probably have lost my house, my car & my kids so it’s for the best that I’m still working there. Frustrating, annoying & draining though it may be.


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