Thirteen More Things

1.  I think I may have mentioned the lack of child support, the ex came through this week with the full amount plus a little more toward what he owed back, which is a good thing.

2.  I wish I could say I haven’t been writing here because things are so wonderful & I’m so busy, they aren’t, though I am pretty busy, but this is supposed to be a positive post so I’ll leave that alone.

3.  We got the garden in, almost all of it was done by 8:30 Friday night due to mr 9’s efforts, because he wanted to go swimming Saturday.

4.  Unfortunately it was only 70 Saturday & it rained half the day so no swimming was done.

5.  The rain was just what the veggie flats in the garden needed though & they perked right up after the rain.

6. We went down as low as 36 degrees overnight a couple of nights this week though, that’s not good for the plants, they seem to be ok though.

7.  I’m hoping that the adversity I’m encountering will bring about massive, positive change in my life, but the waiting to know what is going to happen for sure is killing me.

8.  Ms 19 has been a little more pleasant this week, part of that is that she’s working 4 days instead of only 3 this week so there is less exposure.

9.  Ms 12 has completed her VA Standards of Learning (SOL) tests for the year & passed with flying colors so she’s going to be basically marking time until school’s end on June 5.

10.  Mr 9 not so good, he missed his SOL for English by 3 points. He did ok on the Math & we’re waiting to hear on History.

11.   We’re supposed to have rain all weekend, but other than being home until 4 on Sunday & Monday, & the kids being home, it’s not really a holiday weekend for us anyway.

12.   I think a housecleaning weekend is coming on.

13.   I hope everyone else enjoys their holiday weekend.


10 thoughts on “Thirteen More Things

  1. We’ve been having “lovely” Spring weather too. It’s been running around 60 F for days on end, then suddenly it was on the 90’s for a few days. Now we’re back to wearing sweaters. Makes it hard to decide if it matters weather or not they fill the pool.

  2. I hate those SOL and do you know here in the south SOL means “shit out of luck.” (whatever that means it seems to fit). It’s been so cold at night we had to start the woodstove again! Good luck with the garden. Mine’s pretty good.

  3. I’m with you looking for the good to come at the end of a string of adversity. I just keep telling myself it’s got to get better. At least your garden is in. I am going to tackle mine this weekend.

  4. Ah – we got our gardening in order last weekend as well! It’s so nice to look out and see all the pretty blooms and something other than weeds and an overgrown lawn.

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