Thirteen Random Truths In My Life Right Now.

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1.  As soon as overtime dries up at work, the ex is sure to stop paying child support!

2.  Mortgage companies are just paying lip service to the economic issues, they don’t want to help, give options, work with you or even talk to you when you’re struggling.

3.  If one kid has something (toy, yummy food, a cold) someone else will have it soon. (And there will be noise)

4.  It’s much better to be behind someone when driving dark, curvy deer ridden roads, than to be the lead car!

5.  Cats do the same job (lounging around & keeping the mice population down) whether they live inside or outside your house & there are less fleas & tipped over trash cans if they’re on the outside.

6.  I’m much better off never reading critical comments about the books I read, if it sounds interesting, I should just get it, read it & go on about my business.

7.  The only constant is change. If I hadn’t spent 12 years with that as  a bumper sticker on the back of 4 different cars I would know it due to my job, I’ve changed desks 4 times in 6 weeks- hopefully Today’s change will be the last for awhile.

8.  Dealing with a 19 year old girl (or, ahem, woman) & dealing with her nearly 13 year old sister is not that dissimilar, the 13 year old is, just lately,  a little more rational than her older sibling.

9.  When it comes to dealing with the kids, I really should accept the fact that I can’t win.

10.  Got an email tonight which points out that Stressed is Dessert spelled backwards. I don’t really need any more of either one, but I’ll take Dessert if someone’s offering. (& It’s chocolate)

11.  When dealing with 9 year old kids, it’s important to say where you want something taken when you ask them to take something “Out” I nearly broke my neck tripping over a bag of trash which I expected mr 9 to take to the car the other day, he put it right outside the front door & I wasn’t looking where I was going.

12.  If I’m watching TV when the kids get home from school they will arrive at the most important part of what ever I am watching.

13.  In spite of the noise, chaos, rain & ms 19’s unending rage it’s been a pretty good week (although I still wish I didn’t have to go to work Thursday night!)


12 thoughts on “Thirteen Random Truths In My Life Right Now.

  1. I relate, albeit variably, with child support. Mine wont pay unless he sees the child on a permanent basis so as long I don’t have the means, maybe I’ll stay stuck at where I am. Fortunately though it doesn’t mean lives become less interesting. We certainly deserve something more than just uncertain child support. Happy Thursday.

  2. I so agree with #4!!!! Why even ANYtime, day or night, it’s better to be behind drivers than in front of….in my opinion.

    My 13 is posted. Either use the link provided at the top of my Thursday blog or scroll down to the bottom of the entry. It’s English for Dummies!… Have a great day.

  3. I am just starting to get a good dose of the roller coaster ride teen girls are on as far as their emotions go lol My boys were soooo much easier to handle as teen in that dept.
    Happy T13!

  4. Stream of consciousness is my favorite and was the initial way 13 Thursday was done, back about 200 episodes ago.

    I hate to be the lead car but usually I’m the ONLY car.

  5. Why is it that the minute you sit down to enjoy a tv show or movie somebody just has to interrupt you?? And why is it that no one calls me for weeks then everyone calls me within the same stinkin’ hour????

    I’m being hormonal and have been over indulging in Some of my 13 Favorite Sinful Foods this week. Is there something in the air??

    Forgive me, Father, for I have pigged out, lol.

    Happy TT!

  6. #9, you can win if you refuse to play along. The words ” I brought you into this world and can take you out quickly” or my favorite ” Keep pushing my buttons and find out how long I can hold a grudge” always work.

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