Groceries, Acquaintances & Perms.

Wal mart has slowed down considerably just lately, we are creatures of habit & so every other Friday we can be found leaving home just after the school bus drops the kids off, on our way to grocery shop, usually with a stop at the bank to get cash out first (because with this new schedule, I never get up early enough to go to town before the kids are out of school for the day) Then it’s off to C’Burg where we pay bills, eat dinner somewhere (just lately, it’s dollar menu through the drive through) & then go to walmart to grocery shop & just the last few weeks (with the exception of Easter weekend) it has been not too crowded & no large lines to check out. Which has been very nice. It has helped that we’re timing it so that we’re shopping between 5 & 6, which is often dinner time for many, so there are fewer people in the store.

The prices are getting better I have to say that, My favorite tuna fish, those bumblebee tuna sensations things went down 18 cents since the last time I could afford to look at them which is nice. Some things are down a lot, some only a little, the kids have been on a BLT kick for quite awhile & bacon has come down 50 cents or so in the last few months. Ms 19 is against cooking bacon because she doesn’t like the spatters, but recently she began cooking it in the oven on a cookie sheet with a cake cooling rack over it & she says it’s much easier, less greasy & everyone likes the bacon better than when it’s pan fried (I’m not a bacon fan & really don’t like much of anything with a smoked flavor so I couldn’t say, but if all 3 kids eat it without argument- I’m for it!)

As quiet as walmart was, we couldn’t get out of there without seeing 4 or 5 people I knew, some from work, one from a job 3 jobs ago! Which is crazy but we see each other about once a year somewhere or other. She’s not from here either so we have a sort of a bond. And her grandchildren were 2 years behind ms 19 in school so we’d run into each other occasionally there too.

Chrissie decided against the perm this week, we’re planning on next week I guess, more time for me to think about the ill advisedness of even trying this after so many years (the last time I did a perm, it was for Chrissie, but it was in the trailer so at least 5 years ago)


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