Thursday Thirteen April Review

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Stolen shamelessly from Janet

1.  Photo of Me: Ah, you don’t need one of those!

2.  Current Candle Scents:  incense is what we burn more than candles here, currently I’m on a Sandalwood kick.

3.  What I am Currently Reading: I read The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope, which was a book I had read at age 13 or so & loved, it was fun re-reading it, I also read Stonehenge by Bernard Cornell in April.

4.   Newest Music Added to my Playlists: None this month, but for May I’ve already started.

5. Movies I Saw: I watched The Magnificent Ambersons, Bedtime Stories, Baby Mama & Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, Bette Davis was so awesome! (nothing at the theater though, I’m cheap!)

6.  Something Yummy I Made This Month: Pancakes I guess, I’m not much of a cook these days, or maybe bread, we did have some really great bread.

7.  The Last Place I Ate Out: We went to Macados in mid April, that was fun.

8. Something That Made Me Cry: Nothing really. skinnyguy

9.  Something That Made Me Laugh: I came home from work on night recently to find this waiting for me in my room.  —————->>>

10.  Something I Looked Forward to This Month: Easter & all that lovely candy, mmmm Jelly beans!

11.  Something I Am Thankful For: My health, I had a bad cold at the beginning of April & so am very aware of how good it feels to be able to walk to the bathroom at work without getting out of breath due to compromised lung capacity!

12.  Something I Want to Remember About this Month:  The warm, lovely Saturday afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway in April.

13.. A Photo I Took This Monthflowers09


14 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen April Review

  1. You’re the second TT I have seen this week to mention Bernard Cornwell. I have read his Stonehenge twice already, and I am sure I’ll be reading it again one of these days

  2. I’m sitting here reading your list…and read “Easter this month”….and i thinking, hey, you’re behind a month…then I got a brilliant idea —scrolled back up to read your title for the entry and realized you’re right on!!!

    Have a great Thursday today. My list of 13 historical facts on my ‘home’ town are published if you’d like to stop by for a visit.

  3. The skeleton on my bed was just something my kids put together as a joke, they wanted to do something to say hi to me as I now get home at 2:30 in the morning long after they’re all in bed. I walked in in a grouchy mood & was annoyed that my bedroom door was shut, then I opened it & he was there waiting for me, scarf, sunglasses & all.

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