Another Tricky Day

Well, not really, it’s just that I’m still sleeping a little too much in the mornings, I know (because the weekends are a preview) that once school is out the kids won’t let me sleep in past the 1030 wake up time I set for myself. So I comfort myself  with the idea that I’m just storing extra hours of sleep.

It’s been odd though, I get up between 11:30 & 12 (feeling guilty the whole time) make my breakfast & crumple on the couch to watch last nights national news, the Daily show from last night & then the noon news which is normally recording to the DVR while I’m watching the other two.

I feel good about that part of it, I’m also doing really well with keeping our pathetic dryer going so that we have clothes to wear (always an issue when I worked days & only had from 5:30 to 10:30 each night to try to do everything which needed to be done.  I’m finding though, that sometimes the thought of turning on the computer & even reading my email is just too much for me.

Working at night is more labor intensive, as I think I mentioned before, where when working during the day, having 2 chats at once for more than a half hour or so was considered busy, now on nights, 2 chats is essentially the norm, three at once is not at all uncommon for at least a couple of hours each night, like the first few months doing chat full time, my arms ache at the end of 8 hours of typing & in the mornings I’m more than a little meh about getting on the computer & typing some more.

I’m typing this now because I’m off of work, they’re encouraging people to use paid time off right now in addition to cutting the overtime to nothing.  So since tonight was available & last night I so didn’t feel like being there, I offered to take today off. I had visions of rearranging my room (that might get done before I go back to work on Sunday) getting mr 9 & ms 12’s clothes sorted out so that I know what they really need for the spring & summer (mr 9 is in a growth spurt suddenly where his ankles seem to be exposed in every pair of pants he puts on – lucky for me, in VA mid- May to mid October is shorts weather.

Ms 12 is a little better in the jeans & shorts department, but in the tops department, well, Wow! She’s inherited my generous chest without the belly, thighs & hips that ms 19 also received. She’s getting stacked I’m afraid, the difficulty is that she’s a very young 12 & is offended when the boys stare at her.  I worry over her daily. She’s not as savvy as ms 19 was at her age about anything at all (well, except murder, she’s a Law & Order fan, watches all versions, special victims, criminal intent & the regular one)

It’s nice having an extra day off, a 3 day weekend is always welcome & due to all the rain we’ve had in the area lately I’m glad to not be driving home tonight. Last night when we walked out of work an old friend/co-worker was walking me to my car because he was taking my new computer tower home with him to get ready for me.

(the job gave away towers & monitors for free earlier this year when they updated the equipment on the job- it’s wiped clean though so a new operating system has to be loaded into it – which I haven’t a clue how to do, once M does it for me though, I should be enjoying  much quicker surfing speeds & less lock ups than I do now- maybe my scanner will work correctly again too!)

So M & I were walking to my car & another co-worker, the one who drives right by my road everyday & doesn’t want to share the ride, (probably for the best, he drives like a maniac & I’m sure I’d annoy him by being so slow) came running up to tell me he’d just received a text message from his wife telling him over 2000 people were without power in our area right then due to the bad weather which had passed through earlier last night. I had lights when I got here, I don’t know about T though, he’s got another 20 minutes after my road to get home.

It was not raining but it was very very foggy & it being spring, horny deer cavorting in the fog made the whole drive especially treacherous.  In spite of not sharing a ride with T there is something comforting about being on the road behind someone you know at that time of night. (I tend to be about a half mile behind him, but I catch glimpses of his tail lights & he always slows down near my road & taps his brakes as a goodbye when I turn off) We traded cell phone numbers since we went to night shift- just in case one of us does run into trouble the other one can come help out, or at least take the broken down one home.

The kids were very happy when I told them this morning that I’d be staying home, then they were not so happy when they arrived after school & I told them they were cleaning their rooms. Tears, threats, arguments over who’s mess was in each room (mr 9, without a tv of his own {because it’s in my living room as the ‘family’ tv until I can afford a larger one for the living room} Watches tv in ms 12’s room while she’s online or watching tv in the living room & she maintains that he makes messes in her room) Mr 9 insists that because the stairs to 19’s & 12’s rooms are in his bedroom that their trash, laundry & general debris comes down the stairs & into his room & then he’s stuck picking it up. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

When I asked ms 19 if she’d help me rearrange my room tomorrowshe very haughtily told me I would have to clean my room first ! As if 4 pairs of shoes & 2 laundry baskets full of winter clothes that I can’t get into mr 9’s room to put away in the closet constitutes a mess!


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