Quiet Days ~ Busy Nights

I am now officially worried. At work, we have had overtime suggested, strongly suggested, recommended, threatened, insisted upon & made mandatory. I have been told that I should do more OT than others, because I’m a single mother (the fact that I’m the only parent in my kid’s lives & need to be at home with the kids being their parent more than I’m at work, escapes them)

I’ve resented overtime being forced on me, used it for my own purposes many times & tried to force myself to do a little bit each day over & over, with the best of intentions but poor success. Overtime is great when you’re broke, for the first 2 years I worked at my job it was a lifesaver, when I bought my house, a note from my manager at the time stating that we would have mandatory OT for the foreseeable future was something which played a huge part in my mortgage approval.

I’ve complained here on the blog & in person to everyone & anyone who would listen when we have been on mandatory overtime. I have heartily celebrated every time a set time frame for mandatory OT was finished & bemoaned the general statement that although our mandatory requirement was ended, it was expected that everyone still do at least 2 hours a week of OT anyway.

They cut the overtime options to nothing this week. I had been worried about getting at least 2 hours on this paycheck, stepping up to the 4 per paycheck we’re supposed to do, the calendar online where we normally sign up shows green boxes for every half hour, that you can click to sign up, it’s all red now, there is no OT available at all.

Now I’m really not sure we’re going on vacation at all. I spent the month of April in denial about being able to live on an 80 hour paycheck, so I signed up for an hour of OT on Wednesday of this coming week, Thursday wasn’t available yet at that time or I’d have signed up for another hour that day too. Now, there’s nothing available all the way through next Sunday!

In spite of the fact that I hate overtime, it has always been a comfort to know it was available, always there when I needed it, if I needed it, to get some extra money ahead, for vacations, for plumbing or car repairs. Scary stuff that it’s not available. I’m sure it’s a sign of the times. With the poor economy & all.

I began this Thursday night, because I arrived home early, they were putting pressure on us to use our vacation time, take paid time off & leave early, that’s new this week too, I had an uneven amount of time available they usually won’t let you take anything but 4 or 8 hour blocks, but my former boss had finagled an hour of my paid time to make up for some sick time I had run out of & ensure that I received an 80 hour paycheck back in February, so I had 3 hours sticking out which I was worried about how I was going to take anyway so I used them Thursday night.

Work is not slow though, it’s just as busy as ever, many of my co-workers who came from days to nights at the same time I did, complain because they have 2 & sometimes 3 chats at a time for a lot of the evening. I don’t mind 2 chats but 3 is rough. Having more than 1 at a time is somewhat nice because it makes the time pass more quickly.

At home we’ve had a busy weekend, mr 9’s trip to Monticello was fun for him in spite of the rain, his bigest impression was all the money people leave at Jefferson’s grave! I think he wanted to go pick some up I’m afraid.  Ms 12’s trip to the speedway was fun apparently, she came home saying she knew why guys liked racing now, she took my ribbing about “What’s so fun about watching people turn left over & over again really fast?”  With good nature though.

Ms 19 had purchased Strawberries Friday night while out shopping with her BF, they accidentally left them in the truck overnight though, so in the morning when she realized this & brought them in she thought they should be used up quickly, rather than her eating a few every day for as long as they last as she normally does. We decided to have strawberry shortcakes for dinner last night & so had a lot of fun with that yesterday afternoon & evening too.


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