Thirteen Things On My Mind

1.   Why is it so cold & rainy? Is it ever going to be warm & sunny for more than a day at a time. Sometimes it seems as though it won’t be.

2.  Am I ever going to get enough sleep? I knew when I set 10:30 as a wake up time after arriving home from work each night at 2:30am, that I was pushing it & I’ve been pretty easy on myself, hitting snooze & resting as much as I want, except on Friday & Saturday- my actual days off & also, this past week full days off for the kids, I got up earlier to be with them.

3. Would the gas prices just quit & stay stable for awhile, I’m 40, I have been buying gas for 36 years, only in the past 4 or 5 years have the gas prices fluctuated so wildly.

4. Ms 19 needs more hours at work, she worked the weekend & is back at work Thursday, but the 3 days in between were enough to drive me insane! She likes to come downstairs, make pronouncements about my character- as in: “You’re a liar & a hypocrite” and then ask me to take her to town (20 mile round trip) and act shocked when I say no.

5. Why does the press insist on acting so shocked when the president acts like a human being? I watched the local & national coverage, on the news, of the Easter Egg roll on Monday & they seem to be so surprised that there’s a real person in the suit, I suppose it’s all those years of up close & personal with the last non-person.

6.  Groceries are finally beginning to come down a lot, although some of the great prices I saw last week may have been Easter sales, I hope not though, Walmart doesn’t really have that many sales so I hope the great prices on cheese, butter & other stock up items will still be there next week (money was tight last week, so I couldn’t really stock up, but it helped since I was counting pennies)

7.  Yes I shop at Walmart, not for meat or veggies, but they have a better variety of canned goods, basics like flour & sugar etc than the local stores, and of course the prices help too.

8.  I wouldn’t buy my meats anywhere but the local store, same goes for the veggies especially in the spring when the veggies are really fresh & locally grown.

9. Mr 9 is very proud of himself because he got a passing grade on his VA Standards of Learning test & doesn’t have to have Math homework for the rest of this school year (school ends June 5th- it’s not all that far away).

10.  Ms 12 is struggling with the early teen thing. Her hair has gone insane, really curly & frizzy where it used to be just wavy, she’s gotten uh, big up top & is not dealing well with the attention she’s receiving. (think 12 year old boys- ugh) She keeps fussing at me to cut her hair & I keep telling her growing it out will weight the curls down, cutting it will cause it to be curlier. Somehow she thinks right now that happiness is in a haircut.

11.  Chrissie & I are working similar schedules now & hoping to have another game night sometime soon (now that it’s a little warmer here- Chrissie doesn’t like how cold I keep my house in winter) even ms 19 says she’s looking forward to it.

12. Why do credit card companies send bills with no charges? I closed a credit card over 18 months ago & then, the other day I received a bill which showed that there was, not a credit  but an exchecquer charge (or something like that- I’ve thrown it away now) of positive, $.80 I called them & they acted like it was perfectly normal, I asked if the 80 cents was mine or what & they said it wasn’t, but couldn’t explain where it was or why they were wasting paper to tell me about it.

13.  With my new schedule, sleeping in, in the mornings & leaving around 4 pm for work all night,  I am not getting out to visit as many 13-ers, it’s difficult & frustrating, I may give up again & stop posting for this, still considering that step. It’s only week 2 on my new schedule, things may smooth out in a few more weeks.


11 thoughts on “Thirteen Things On My Mind

  1. You’ve been buying gas for 36 years? And you’re only 40? Whoa. And if you want warmer weather, come on over…it’s been sunny and in the 80/90 degree [F] range all week.

    My 13 is posted….all flowers in our yard, done in a collage for you. Drop by if you can find time. Happy Thursday.

  2. You’ve been buying gas since you were 4? Jeez, are those litle kiddy cars gas powered now???? LOL!

    I shop Wally world for the same things – never meat or veggies – but watch out for those prices! After the first year Wally world raises its prices very slowly and sometimes they’re not cheap at all!

    I posted 13 Fads from my youth – junk I wish I still had – I just got an authentic sixties Lava Lamp as a gift and it inspired me.

  3. One can only wonder about #9. Nobody will ever be able to solve those mysteries. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy TT! Rikki

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