Like Night & Day

I’m starting to feel a little more like this change will work out. Last week I was a little freaked out by how different things are at my work at night. Early last spring I worked until 11 but my whole team did too & I’d been with them for 2 years at that point, so what the rest of the people at my work were doing didn’t make much difference to me then.

Now, working until 1:30 with all new people (well, almost all new people, I’ve sat with, but never been on the same team as a few of the people I work with now)  it’s a completely different environment. People who work days at my job tend to be older (like me) more worried about keeping their place in the business, (meaning staying on days) and very clicque-y.

Not being “from here” leaves me out of most clicques and I’m not much for it anyway, like most everything else, I’m too much of one thing to be part of another & vice versa. At night it’s a lot more random, there are older people who haven’t been there long & older people who prefer working nights, there are lots of college age people, both in school & not in school working nights too.

There are plenty of clicques but there are a lot more people like me who are just there to do a job & don’t much care about making friends or doing much more than what they’re there to do. It’s refreshing. The lack of corporate shirts walking around (for the most part, there’s still a few lurking in the corners, at least until 11pm) is wonderful too.

The new boss is ok, a little bit of a stickler for rules, (made me log out to pee- which stinks) but he’s not noticeably mean or hateful like some I’ve had. He’s only been a supervisor for a little while so I’m sure a lot of it has to do with nervousness. That’s one good thing about a long term supervisor is they know what to fuss about & what to leave alone.


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