Easter Eve Musings

Yesterday was crazier than normal I have to say. The walmart wander as I call it was made crazier than normal by it being the Friday before a holiday & the fact that the nearby colleges spring breaks have ended, so although it’s not Easter yet, they’re all back at school, adding to the throngs at the stores. I admit that it seemed even worse because of the contrast of 2 weeks ago when the college kids were still on break, it was so nice & quiet in the stores, you didn’t have to wait in line just to walk down a grocery asile!

We had a bunch of little errands to do too, pay on this bill, pay the phone bill, one grocery store was selling soda for a good price, but by the time we got there to get the 4- 6 pack bottles for $12. Or whatever it was, they only had 2 6 packs of diet mountain dew left, the kids bought them anyway, which wasn’t so good since the store stipulated that you had to have 4 – 6 packs to qualify for the sale price, what I get for allowing them to go in alone.

I don’t understand the allure to 12 & 9 of going into stores without me, they often fight about who’s going to run the money for my gas in, or who’s going to run in & buy a bag of carrots or a gallon of milk at the store for me. I’m often just as happy to stay in the car while they do a quick errand like those for me, but I wish they wouldn’t fight!

I’m still trying to get over the idea that it’s “Bad” to stay up late, after over 14 months on a shift that started at 8am & required me to be out of bed before 630, I have a guilt complex about staying up too late, “because I’ll be sorry later” now that I’m on a night shift, the later the better, I went to bed a little early last night, at 130, just to try to catch my self up & not stay in bed too late this morning.

It was fun though, I read, watched tv (Medium, Harper’s Ferry & The Mentalist) while I folded laundry & was still hapily able to relax & settle in to bed when I was ready, not when I felt like I needed to because it would mess up my schedule if I stayed up any longer.

I also am trying to shed the ‘in the back of my mind’ voice who keeps saying, ah you have to go to work tomorrow, there’s no time for anything else this weekend, when there is time, lots of it. I don’t have to leave here until 4pm tomorrow afternoon. We’re even going to have a nice dinner for easter, early so I can have some! Which will be nice, since the past 3 Easters I’ve been at work during the day & come home in the evening when they were already through eating.

I’ve already been warned that they’re not waiting for me to get up in the morning to hunt eggs with them, but that’s ok because they re-hide the eggs & play over & over again all day long, which is one of the reasons we hollow our eggs out rather than boiling them.


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