Night Owl

I’ve always been a night owl, getting up before the sun is squarely in the sky (or even high in the sky) goes against my grain, it was easy last week to stay up progressively later each night & sleep later in the morning on my 3 days off.

It was not at all difficult to stay awake & aware on Sunday night until 130 when my workday (or night) ended and I really haven’t had any trouble with the staying up part the rest of this week.

Janet commented that the new schedule seems to be keeping me from blogging & it has so far, I admit it. I definitely am a sleep addict you see, I get home between 215 & 230 in the morning & after a quick trip to the bathroom, pouring a glass of water to take to my bedside table & turning off the lights ms 12 insist on leaving on for me I hit the bed & am out like a light.

This past week I was up at 530 Monday & Tuesday to take ms 19 to work, then back to bed until 710 which is when I’m now getting up to make sure 12 & 9 are getting ready to go to school, with signing papers, a million kisses & hugs & keeping them from ripping each other’s heads off I’m up until they get on the bus at 725 & it takes me at least 15-20 minutes to calm down & fall back to sleep!

So I was thinking that 230 to 1030 would be enough sleep, but with all the interruptions & just in general, because I love my sleep, it’s not enough, 3 mornings I hit snooze about a billion times, one I didn’t turn the alarm on at all, just to see how late I’d sleep & wake naturally- I was horrified to awaken refreshed, rested & comfortable- At two til noon!

So I’m still trying to work out the sleep thing. I don’t want to be getting up at noon every day, because it doesn’t leave enough day to do much, when you consider that 12 & 9 are off the bus at 3 & a few days a week I have to go get ms 19 at 230 which brings us home just as 12 & 9 get off the bus. Of course, the time from 3 to 4 when I leave for work are taken up with seeing the kids, completing homework & trying to get all the school stuff taken care of so I’m not signing things at 715 every morning (they always seem to find something though).

I’m dedicated to my news, I watch the national from the night before every day & then the noon local news, the two together take about 45 minutes on DVR since I can skip the commercials. I can already tell I need to cut back the shows I DVR because I’m not going to watch as much tv, I think though that next week & the week after things will work out into a pattern that works & leaves some time for blogging.


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