Concerts I Have Seen (odd that it ends up being 13)

I was a rock & roll teenager. Not that I don’t still love rock & roll- I do. If I’m not listening to a book on tape there is music playing 45 minutes each way to & from work for me & then at work through the mp3 player in my phone & at home while I’m online. I’m nowhere near that well versed in concerts though. I haven’t been to very many compared to most people I know. Unless you count going to see bar bands with my ex- ugh- let’s not count those.

1.   1983 Iron Maiden & Twisted Sister. Worcester Centrum MA.

2.   1984 AC/DC & Yngwie Malmstein. Boston Garden MA.

3.    1985 The Firm. Worcester Centrum MA.

4.    1985 Styx. Worcester Centrum MA.

5.    1986 The Firm, Providence Civic Center, RI.

6.    1991 Max Creek Somewhere or other in RI.

7.    1992 Faith No More- Metallica- Guns & Roses, Foxboro MA.

8.    1993 Greatful Dead, RFK Stadium, Washington DC.

9.    1994 ZZ Top & George Thorogood, Roanoke Civic Center, VA.

10.    1996 Bon Jovi,  Great Woods, Mansfield MA.

11.   1996 Rush, Fleet Center, Boston MA.

12.   1997 Slaughter & someone else, I can’t remember who, The Living Room, Manchester NH.

13.   1997 Ratt, The Living Room, Manchester NH.


8 thoughts on “Concerts I Have Seen (odd that it ends up being 13)

  1. Max Creek!!!! That is too funny. We used to go see them quite a bit in the late 80’s/early 90’s in CT. I remember being super impressed that my best friend’s mom used to cash their gig checks for them as a bank teller.

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