Thoughts as my Weekend Winds Down

I’m sure I’m going to like everything about this new schedule, except the actual getting ready, getting in the car at 4pm & going to work part. It’s just past the time I’ll have to leave tomorrow & it seems as though it will be odd to  go to work this late in the day, though I’ve done it before, it was right at the beginning of my time at my job, I worked 4:30 to 1am for the first 5 months, then went to a mid-shift.

I’ve heard from friends already on night shift that it is busy on the chat function, where during the day we felt stressed if we had 2 or 3 chats at one time, 3 chats is pretty normal on night shift, even a bunch of people lined up waiting to chat is normal at night where after about the first month on chat during the day, we had enough people available that it wasn’t like that at all. I like busy, because it makes the day (er- evening) pass quickly!

I was happy to find when my purchases from last week came that one of the two pairs of sandals I bought fit & are comfortable, with ms 19 & I sharing the same size (10) shoes & ms 12  coming up rapidly in size 9’s, a pair of shoes I don’t care for are not wasted money & sure enough, the shoes from Old Navy, were too tight across the ankles (having some issues with my ankles lately I admit) for me, but ms 19 loved them. The other shoes were from my current favorite fat lady clothes store Roamans & I was really excited to find they fit well & although I was suspicious that the buckle at the ankle might be an issue, they did have elastic under the buckle so I won’t have to mess with it every time I slip the shoes on.camred

I think I’ll get more showers in on this schedule & spend more focused time with mr 9 & ms 12 (I intend to spend the hour from 3pm when they get off the bus until 4pm when I have to leave for work, with the two of them, making sure homework gets finished & that everything else is set to run smoothly for the rest of the evening) I think I’ll be more relaxed on this schedule, able to sleep as much as I want/need to & still have time to pick up around the house a little, read, blog, watch some tv if the mood strikes me.

I don’t think ms 19 realizes what she has gotten herself into, although I know she’ll attempt to do it all from her room, she’s not going to be able to & once summer comes upon us, she won’t want to be up there anyway so it should work out all right since she’ll have my tv & the computer down here to use until the other two are off to sleep & the upstairs cools down enough for her to go up to her room & sleep too.

All 3 of the kids are night owls too, so I don’t doubt that before summers end there will be nights I arrive home at 230 or whenever & find all 3 of them still up & running around the house. Since Wednesday evening, I’ve been moving my bedtime up an hour to 45 minutes at a time, last night I was falling asleep on the couch at 1am, but when I got into bed all the getting fresh water, tightening up the sheets etc. had woken me up so I ended up reading in bed until 2am.

Since I have to work until 130 & then drive home (approx. 40 minute drive, but it often takes longer & I have done it in less time- witness the day the tree fell on the house I was home in no time!) I need to be awake, alert & coherent at least until 230am in order to make sure I’m safe driving home. I got up at my goal time this morning (1030) since I fell asleep at 2, not 230 I may try to sleep in a little later tomorrow morning. Or not. It will really depend on mr 9 & when he jumps on me.

Thursday & Friday were fairly uneventful, mostly on the computer while the kids were at school & then hanging around with them, watching what they wanted to on tv most of the afternoon & evening both days. I had goals set for today though.

valbonitaSo after muffins for breakfast, we took all the trash to the dumpsters, hung laundry on the line, I’ve caught almost all the laundry up & all but 1 more basket is even dry! The kids & I filled my car with gas, found ms 12 some wide, soft, cloth head bands to keep her unruly curls out of her eyes (she had one, which a friend left here, which was red & did not look very good with her red hair- I do subscribe to the old theory that red heads just don’t look all that good in red or pink)

We decided on tacos for dinner somewhat impromptu & had to go to the grocery store for salad fixings & taco seasoning. Back home, we found ms 19 who’s BF had gone to a friends house, sweeping the kitchen & so we all pitched in to pick up the house, mr 9’s idea of pitching in was going outside & picking fresh daffodils & hyacinths for us but it all worked out ok in the end.


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