Thirteen Things On My Desk At Work (many of which aren’t mine)

We share desks at my work, Morning shift gets the left side of the desk, the evening shift gets the right, in a couple of days my shift will be changing & I may not share with such a gradesktop11cious person any longer (I’ve had & have seen nightmare scenarios before- some so bad I went to mid-shifts to avoid sharing a desk) So here is “our” desktop.

1. Page a day desk calendar, with rock star quotes, I could have been a bit more thoughtful about this calendar before choosing it this year, it’s no holds barred & I’ve got to read Johnny Rotten saying “fucking” which isn’t exactly corporate approved.

2. Hand Cream “age defying” because my hands are old

3. Picture of the kids, I used to have a cube for each kid but they’ve gotten pickier about that sort of thing the last year or so & so I took them home.

4. 2009 pricing for basic programming packages, some desktop2years they make these up for us, this year I wrote my own.

5. my quality, attendance & productivity awards from years past, the last one was received in late 2008, I have tanked at work since 2009 began, I’m not sure why exactly.

6. 9 of the person I share the desk with’s pictures

7. 6 examples of her art

8. Her Chinese relaxation chime balls

9. Skull beads. Jade Colored Dragon Sculpture.

desktop3110. Teddy in a mardi gras shot glass with rubber hair (I do not understand this one, I admit)

11 Snake eating a plastic mouse, an orange stuffed monkey hanging by his hands

12. Phone which requires a headset, which thankfully, I don’t have to use

13. Computer where all my work is centered.


18 thoughts on “Thirteen Things On My Desk At Work (many of which aren’t mine)

  1. Not sure if I could share a desk with that many personal things on it. At one point, I took all my personal ‘play things’ off the desk because they were stressing me out. I’m ADD and very easily distracted. I’m happy to be retired now. But I could use a set of the relaxation balls. They’re really cool. BTW, I don’t get the green haired teddy bear either. Glad I don’t have to look at it every day.

  2. Janet, the one picture of my kids is right next to my hand lotion. They don’t want us to have more than 1 ‘wall’ picture & one desk picture, they don’t like “clutter” is all, some of us listen better than others, which is why I have just the one magnetic picture & no others, where my desk mate has bunches. I’ve been hassled by corporate folks for her stuff, luckily they listened when I pointed out, & my boss backed me up that the pictures on the right side aren’t mine.

  3. I’d blame the tanking at work directly on the loss of the pictures of the kids. Tell them to suck it up and give you new pictures!

    As for Johnny Rotten, everyone needs a little bit of bad boy in their lives. If he’s too much, come meet my (fictional) Trevor. You’ll love him, despite his love for the f-word.

  4. I’d hate to share a desk. I have two little plastic frogs that I like to put in compromising positions. The rest of the stuff is all very desk-like.

  5. Wow. I’d go crazy having to share a desk! Or to be more honest, the person who had to share with me would go crazy. Neatness is not one of my best qualities! Interesting list!

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